Would You Like To Attract More Partners, Clients or Customers, without resorting to using Icky ‘Hard-Sell’ Sales Tactics, Cold Prospecting total strangers, or feeling like an Annoying Sales Person Online?


Do You Have a Business You’re Trying to Get off the Ground, but just don’t know how to Rise Above the Crowd in Your Niche?

Does the thought of Selling to Perfect Strangers Online, Make You Feel Uncomfortable or just plain out  weird? As ‘Permission Marketing Experts’ in business since 2004, we’ve helped countless solopreneurs , including Pilates Instructors, Fitness & Life Coaches & Network Marketing Professionals,  become established, Trusted & Credible Authorities Online. We can do the same for you. We will help you build a Stand-Out Brand,  position you online as a sought after Expert,  and set up automated systems that will help you Attract targeted leads & prospects who are ready to, pull out their credit cards and do business with you, even if no one knows your Name (yet!).

What’s Your Story?

Do You Struggle with Selling and Self-Promotion?
If So, You are not alone!

You have a Story (to tell) that led up to where you are now today. Whether You are pursuing your God Given Calling or attempting to set yourself apart from everyone else in your Specific Niche, the one thing that makes you UNIQUE and SPECIAL is YOUR STORY. We can help you identify it, help you write it down and then build a brand that captivates, motivates and inspires your target audience to connect with you, hire you or join you.

What is Your Vision?

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

What is Your End Goal?   What made you choose to build your business online? Were you looking to create more leverage in your business? Reach more people outside of your local market? Connect quickly with like minded individuals? Through the Creative use of Personalized Lead-Converting Websites and strategically crafted lead generating marketing funnels, We help you start with a ROCK-SOLID Foundation, BUILD the systems to support your growth, GET RESULTS and expand your vision as far as you’d like to see it go.

What’s the Value of Your Time?

Do You feel burned out trying to share your business with people and spend every waking moment consumed with looking for new people to expose your offers to?

Most of us fall into the Entrepreneurial Trap. We launch businesses that quickly turn into jobs,  that keep us on a hamster wheel, trying to hustle on social media for our next gig or sign-up. Time stealers rob us of our time with family or spending more time fulfilling our purpose. There is a better way. By Leveraging Tools, Technology and Systems, you can do everything from generate quality leads that are attracted to YOU,  build an Email List and Automating your Email Marketing Follow up, To having Videos Sell for you 24/7 even while you’re sleeping, freeing up more time to do the things you love and focus on your personal zone of genius.

How Will You Rise Above The Crowd Online?

Do You feel Lost in a Sea of ‘Competition’ and just don’t know how to convey your Unique Selling Proposition?

Matthew 5:16 Says:  Let your light so shine before others…and let them see your good works…

In a dog eat dog world of competition, leaderboards and the race to get to the top, how do you, a passionate, purpose driven ‘modest’ entrepreneur stand out? Simple. You shine your light upon the world with the UNIQUE Gifts God gave you. Your Purpose will be revealed through your story and Your Story is the Special Thumbprint that sets you apart from everyone else. Competition is a myth. There is room for everyone, because you were ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ You just need someone outside of yourself that can help you craft your Brand and captivate people with your Story.

The end result is a BRAND not Just a Website! I LOVE IT!

Barbie is THE BEST! She took what I had to work with and turned it into what I had envisioned in my head the whole time! The end result is a BRAND not just a website! She elevated my business & my ministry with creative ideas and input! She will always be my GO-TO GAL when it comes to web development, design and creative design! Thank you so much Barbie for taking PurposeFit LIVE from a concept to an active thriving ministry! I LOVE IT!


Brienne Christopher

Faith Based Pilates Instructor & Speaker, PurposeFitLive.com





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