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Jon GustinCelebrity Personal Trainer

Barbie has opened my eyes to this beautiful world of marketing. When I decided to further my business online I had no idea what I was doing. Barbie walked me through the whole process at a pace I could follow and learn. Barbie not only teaches your how to grow you business, she also motivates you. I am now running my whole business through my website and thanks to Barbie, it’s a huge success!

You Got Into Business To Serve Others...

You Chose the Internet To Create Leverage

You know in Your Heart There are So Many People that Will Benefit from Your Products & Services...

But You're just not sure how to Do it Online.

Are you a Purpose Driven Entrepreneur trying to Put your Business on the 'Internet Map' to reach more people about your products and services? Are You trying to Set Yourself apart from the 1,768,984 other people who seem to be doing the exact same thing you're doing?

How do you stand out??

Do You Sometimes feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel trading time for money?  Or maybe you're struggling from burn out because you're working too many hours serving clients or helping new business partners one on one,  and you just wish you had more Hours in Your Day?

You know in your Core, that what you have to offer will help so many, but it seems like there are just not enough hours in the day to build your business & have a life?

I totally understand, because I was there too.  

And Then I asked myself...

How Can I Still Make Money Even When I'm Not Working?

It wasn't until I began studying specific business models and applying strategic marketing principles to my business, Like Utilizing Video Marketing & Automated Systems like Websites and Capture Pages,  and other awesome professional Tools and Systems that I finally began creating a business that I both loved, allowed me to purposely serve others,  and also allowed me to free up more time, so that I could also Actually Have a Life.

I then took that same information and began helping clients do the same, with great success.

Hey there! I'm Barbie Figueroa - And for the Last 15 Years I've been dedicated to helping clients put their small business on the map, utilize the internet to create more leverage and automation and help them realize their full potential inside their business.


When a Client comes to me, I can intuitively see something about them that they may not fully be able to see in themselves yet and I can automatically see how they can create more time freedom inside their business by leveraging tools and technology.

I use my creative vision to help package them online, and ultimately see themselves in a completely different way.

I am an Online Brand Marketing Strategist, extraordinaire. =)

I help You Elevate Your Self Image, By Elevating Your Brand.

Then we leverage systems tools and technology, Specifically your Website and Marketing mechanisms like Video, Lead Capture Page Systems, & Email Marketing, that do most of the 'heavy lifting' in your business,  so that you can not only grow the business you love, but one that also allows you to have a life.

And You Can  run your business from anywhere you like, with a laptop and internet connection, if that is what you choose.

After Establishing your online Branding Presence, we teach you how to build  Lead Generation systems that allow potential prospects  to flow effortlessly, and expose their products and services 24/7/365.

There is nothing more satisfying than having the Freedom to Do what you do best... whether you're a personal fitness trainer, or a dog trainer, an Empowerment Coach or a Professional Network Marketer, while systems tools and technology keep working for you on your behalf.

Testimonials from Clients & Colleagues 

Jon Gustin, Celebrity Trainer

Mark Harbert, Industry Leader

Meredith Dale, Business Coach

Peter Chapman, MLM Leader

Barbie Figueroa is a ROCK STAR Internet Marketer. I recently held a contest for my affiliate partners, and out of the gate, Barbie came out on top. She went full throttle and was able to earn 1st place out of hundreds of other affiliates.

Not only is she an incredible marketer, but she's and incredible person that you need to get to know and follow. Listen to her and you'll achieve success like she has.​

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