As a Branding Coach, designing beautiful branded blogs for my clients for over 10 years, I’ve come across and used tons of different wordpress themes including Highend, X Theme and Woothemes.

Being that I’m Not a ‘Coder’ and my area of strength is more focused on Translating the Energy, Vibe and Feel of my Client into a digital representation of themselves and their business, through graphics and design and story telling, I am always on the hunt for the ‘Holy Grail’ WordPress Theme that will help me create something both beautiful and functional for my client and has a User Friendly Backend.

For the most part, the majority of my clients are utilizing Internet Marketing to Grow their business online so of course, the Marketer side of me knows the importance of also creating a website that Converts Website Visitors into Leads.

If You’re a Web Designer, or a Do-it-Yourselfer who is Crazy enough to tackle building your own website, this post will share the 10 Powerful Reasons I made the switch to ‘Thrive Themes’ and why at the end of this post, you may switch over too.

Now Before I get into the MEAT and POTATOES of this Post, let me be completely Upfront.

After my experience with Thrive and how much it has impacted my business and helped my clients, I became an affiliate. Although this post includes affiliate links, I would write this regardless of whether I was an affiliate or not.

Trust Me, I’ve purchase  CRAP themes from affiliates who were promoting the Themes ‘Just to make money’ and I wanted to kick my computer out the door because they oversold the theme and the theme under delivered.

This is NOT the Case with Thrive.

Thrive’s onboard tools are a Web Designers DREAM Come True and you owe it to yourself to read every reason why.


  1. Clean Design and Typography:

 Because Thrive Themes is focused on ‘Conversion’ their Clean Design keeps you focused on one main thing, ‘Opting In’ and building an email list. I absolutely love the look of their themes because they are super clean yet highly customizable.


(This is a Sample of Pressive – It is Clean – Has a Parrallax Feature and Simple)

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2. Thrive Theme Short Codes: 

Create a More Stylized Blog Post inside of Your Wysiwyg/Visual Editor using the Onboard Thrive theme Short Codes. With all Kinds of Cool Bells and whistles you can make an otherwise boring blog post, look more attractive and functional for your reader.

Thrive Theme Short Codes


3. Thrive Themes Visual Editor:

Does WP Bakery Visual Composer Make you want to throw your computer out the window sometimes? I’ll be the first to admit that although WP Bakery Helps Build Sites on the backend quicker, the tool itself compared to Thrive Themes Visual Editor leaves much to be desired.

The Thrive Themes Visual Editor is a TRUE Drag and Drop Page Builder and I absolutely LOVE IT. It operates so smoothly and as opposed to WP Bakery, where you are kind of designing blind becuase you don’t quite know what the page looks like until you save and then look at the page, Thrive Themes Editor allows you to see the page as you’re building it.

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Thrive Themes Visual Editor

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4. Horizontal Opt-in Forms:

If You are a web designer in the Internet Marketing Space like I am, I’m pretty sure you’ve Drooled over Marie Forleo’s Blog Design at one point or another.  For the longest time, I wanted to be able to place a ‘horizontal optin form’ under a header just like the one that is featured on Marie’s Site, but I didnt’ want to have to break my head coding one in. Well I’m about to reveal a trade secret with you and let’s just say, that if you ever wanted to place a ‘horizontal optin form’ underneath the header of your website, Thrive Themes Can Do it.  This Feature ALONE is worth the $247 I Paid for the Developer License. ( Thank You Thrive themes, I LOVE YOU!)

Marie Forleo Optin Form

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5. Connect Opt-in Forms To Aweber through API or HTML: 

The Thrive themes Visual Editor has the Ability to Create opt-in forms throughout your site using the Visual Editor. (If you need to strategically place Optin Forms on areas of your site like the ‘Sidebar’, After Blog Post, Lightboxes, etc, then you’ll need to Purchase ‘THRIVE LEADS’ for those functions.

However, to place Lead Forms Manually using the Visual Editor, you simply click on the little lead generation ‘envelope’ and drag and drop it into where you want to place an optin form and then you highlight the form. Once You do that it will open up an option for you to Connect to a Service. Through it’s API function, you can Automatically create a permission between your thrive themes installation and Aweber OR you can simply copy and paste the HTML.

Connect thrive themes to aweber


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6. Thrive Leads = More Conversions: 

If you are looking to turn more website visitors into leads, you’ve got to invest in a really good lead capture plugin. Priced at $59 for a Single Site License (meaning you can only use it on YOUR Own personal site) Your jaw will drop when you see all the cool things you can do with Thrive Leads. And By the way, you don’t need to have Thrive Themes installed in order to use Thrive Leads. Although Most of My sites from here on out will be built on Thrive Themes, not every single one is, however, I can still easily install Thrive Leads to use for Lead Capture as you see in the Homepage ‘Lightbox Opt-in Form’ I installed for my Clients ‘E-Commerce’ Website Below.

Thrive Leads Lightbox Form

Thrive Leads works with Autoresponder Providers Including Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, iContact, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Just to name a few!

And it includes onboard Analytical Tools. (I can hear the Data Nerds Applauding Now! Thumbs up For Onboard Tracking Tools!)

Thrive Leads Back Office

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7. The Value for the Money: 

I’m a Web Designer who designs wordpress websites for my clients and using the best tools in the marketplace so that my Clients have a Kick-Ass Website are Top Priority For Me. We all know that wordpress is Free and it’s an opensource platform but if you really wanna take it to the next level, you’ve got to invest Money into higher end Plugins that will turn your WordPress website from a Yugo into a Ferrari. 

I dropped $247, which is a Yearly Recurring Fee but Thrive Themes has Not only helped my Clients make More Money and Get More results, but in Turn, it’s helped me almost triple My Own Income. (I love You Shane!!)   Thrive Themes helps you make a WordPress Website look slick, stunning and clean. Paired with my Design Touch, it has enabled me to create Sexy Websites that help My Clients Convert More Website Visitors into Leads.

Here’s a testimonial from one Of My Clients Whose site was built on Thrive

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Through Personal Branding  , Copywriting and the Strategic placement of Optin-Forms throughout Pete’s Site, he is now experiencing more business than he expected as a result of upgrading his site using the Thrive Theme Suite of Tools. And My Ultimate Branding Package, Of Course! 

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8. Onboard Landing Pages & Sales Funnels:

Holy Crap Batman, this is one feature that I’m Super Excited About. Excuse Me Thrive Themes but really, are you trying to prove that blowing away your customers with the overdelivery of VALUE for the Money is a viable Unique Selling Proposition? Because if you are, it’s Working Like Gangbusters.

Prior to using Thrive Themes I’ve Used:

  • Lead Pages
  • Click Funnels
  • Optimizepress

And in my opinion, Thrive Themes has really given these other tools a serious run for their money. I mean, come on, if you’re not a Developer and You’re just using the tools for yourself, a Personal License to Get access to Thrive Landing Pages + Visual Content Builder + Thrive Lightbox is only $87.  And No Additional Monthly Fees.

And You can use it on all of your Personal Websites.

Again, I got the Developers License for $247 because I get access to ALL of the Thrive Themes, All of their Plugins, The Content Builder and literally anything they come out with and I can use it on my own site AND on my Clients Sites.

Their Landing Pages are Sexy as hell and Completely Customizable to Your Branding look.

Currently their are 122 Templates  Currently Available with the Onboard Visual Editor Plugins.

And Just to give you an idea You can Create:

  • Opt-in Landing Pages
  • Webinar Invite Page
  • Thank You Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Complete Sales Funnel
  • Evergreen sales funnels
  • Multi-Step Launch Funnels
  • Video Landing Pages
  • 2 Step Landing Pages (With Button and then Email Pop-up)

Thrive themes Landing Pages


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9. Thrive Themes Educational Content: 

Not only does Thrive Themes have my favorite Blogging Toolsuite on the Planet but their Company blog is a Wealth of information. If you want to really get deep into the nitty gritty and study what kind of web design works, converts and produces more results for you and your clients, you should bookmark Thrive Themes Blog. Honestly, Shane is always coming out with New Updates to Thrive and literally outdoing himself with every new update he releases.

Thrive themes blog


10. Thrive Themes Support: 

And Finally, I’ll touch upon Thrive Themes support.

Thrive Themes Support


As you can see inside the Member Dashboard there is tons of Support. From a Robust Knowledge Base, to Past Webinar Recordings to and Active Support forum and a Support Ticket System, Thrive Themes, in my opinion, is really leading the way for the Internet Marketing Niche to have everything they need to Develop a Successful WordPress Website designed to Turn Visitors into Leads.

Now it Wouldn’t Be a FAIR Review unless I added a few ‘Cons’ About Thrive Themes. There are only a couple that I see so far but they are only a Con if you see it that way.

Con #1: The only Real Downfall is that there is no Onboard Tracking for Lead Capture Pages and Funnels,  like Lead Pages and Clickfunnels, but all you need to do is sign up for a tracking service like and throw your Thrive Landing Pages into their Link Tracker and you can Monitor your Analytics that way.

Con#2: No Onboard Sliders. So if You like to make Fancy Sliders on the home page of your website. Thrive Themes doesn’t have them and as a matter of fact, from a conversion perspective alone, they are against them.

And after reading some conversion data regarding the effectiveness of ‘Rotating’ Sliders on a website and if they influence conversion rates (Website Visitors to leads) I am now convinced that they are more of a hindrance than a help!

So I’m totally OK With Not having them!

As a Designer with a specific Marketing Goal for My Client, Ultimately, outside of the Feel and Vibe of a website that will help my client attract their perfect prospect, Website Visitor to LEAD Conversion is the NEXT most important thing on my list.. and Thrive Themes successfully helps me do this!

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As I stated Before, I am an affiliate, so if you purchase the Thrive Suite of tools through my link, I will make a small commission. That being said, if you DO purchase Thrive Themes through my link and you have any questions on how to use it, I will be more than happy to help or answer any questions that you have about it.

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’′ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=”]Check Out Thrive Themes[/thrive_link]

Their Support is excellent, but if you need any INSIDER TIPS from someone who has been working with the theme now for over 2 months, I’ll be happy to help!

If You enjoyed this Review or You have any questions about Thrive, before you buy, please leave them in the comment section below.

Cheering For Your Online Success!


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P.S. Still Trying To Figure this Whole online Stuff? Is Your Website Hearing Crickets? No Leads to Speak of from your Website Presence? Download a Free copy of my PDF Report and discover how to Turn Your Website into a Lead Converting Machine.