If you’ve asked yourself if you really need an Autoresponder, then you must also ask yourself, do I really want a Succesful Internet Business?

Because your Autoresponder is the liason of communication between you and your potential customers, and having an autoresponder is not only a need, but a requirement if you want to have a succesful online business.

There was a time when emailing a group of your friends required you to go into your email account and either create a group just for certain people, or you had to copy and paste, and then blind copy (bcc:) everyone on your list. 

But sending email that way not only is impersonal, but it can become time consuming, and if you want to track how many people actually opened your email, it is almost nearly impossible to do.

With the onset of technology, companies have introduced a way to not only mass email a group of people all at one time, but it also enabled business owners to virtually put their businesses on autopilot.

Let me explain.

An Autoresponder is an email service that allows you to collect people’s email usually by way of an opt-in form on a website, or by sending an email that goes right into someones autoresponder account. Once someone opts into your website for more information, that action triggers your autoresponder to deploy a series of emails to that person
on your behalf.

Imagine having 50 or more people a week entering your autoresponder and your autoresponder sending out emails in a timely manner, without you even having to be around to do the work! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, with a slew of personal tags that are included into the autoresponder system, you can quickly personalize an email to 1,000’s of people by simply inserting a [firstname] tag, which will be picked up by the autoresponder technology, and replace it with the persons first name, provided that you collected their first name on the opt-in form on your website.

If you’ve ever heard the saying, ‘the money is in the list’, the actual statement should be, ‘the money is in the relationship you build with your list’, which is why having an autoresponder is absolutely necessary in order to provide constant and consistent follow-up to the subscribers in your email base.

Taken to the next level, internet marketers know the value of having an autoresponder full of eager subscribers, because all it takes is sending out one simple email, that suggests an affiliate product, or something that will generate a commission for them, and with the push of a ‘Send’ button, they can generate Money from eager buyers with just one mailing.

Not only is it necessary to have an autoresponder in order to build a list, and build relationships with that list, and then in turn generate income from sales made from the people on that list, but it also leverages and replaces having to do this activity manually.

Which Autoresponder Should You Choose?

With so many people in the pursuit of creating wealth online, there are just as many Autoresponders to choose from. Of the 3 I have personally used, including Trafficwave, Getresponse and Aweber, I definitely prefer Aweber as my Autoresponder because of all the amazing features Aweber has, some of which include:

  • Broadcasting messages that post right to your facebook and twitter
  • Easily broadcast multiple lists with the push of a button
  • Ease of Use and Step by Step Set up using the Aweber Wizard
  • Split Testing
  • Link Tracking

& So much more. Plus most ‘Generic Marketing Systems’ Are compatible with Aweber.

As an additional perk, you can earn residual affiliate commissions when people sign up for aweber through your link which will easily offset the cost of the autoresponder and make your Aweber Autoresponder Free!

So, in short, do you really need an autoresponder? The answer is a resounding yes! If you want to have a profitable business that provides leverage, so you can be sipping a margarita by the pool and still have your autoresponder churning out sales on autopilot, it’s the only way to go!


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