If You’re in Network Marketing, you’ve probably already been told that you need to ‘Brand Yourself’ if you’re looking to crossover from belly to belly offline networking and start building your business online.

But Branding Yourself in Network Marketing online is not enough, you have to think like an internet marketer and focus on building a list.

After all, your other choice is to Purchase Leads from an online Network Marketing Ld Vendor, OR You can learn how to generate the leads yourself!

So with that being said…

If you’re going to Brand Yourself, you need a place to do that… a place you can call home and generate your own leads and expose more people to your brand… and that place is your Website!

Here’s the tricky part, not every website is the same, you need a website presence that brands YOU and converts website visitors into leads (and sales!).

So you have an idea what this looks like, below are 3 ‘lead-converting’ Network Marketing Websites built on Thrive Themes!

3 Branded ‘Network Marketing Websites” Built on Thrive Themes SQUARED Theme: VIDEO


Building a Lead-Converting Website on Thrive Themes: Some Helpful Tips!

Your ‘Lead-Converting’ Website Should Focus on these Major Areas:

  • Clean Bright Photos of Yourself Featured in the Header and throughout the Site
  • A Magnetic About Me Page that attracts and resonates with your Target Prospect (Hint: Your Target Prospect is someone who can relate to YOUR STORY because they’ve been through a similar path as you!)
  • A Free Offer also known as a LEAD Magnet that offers something of Value to your prospect in exchange for their email.
  • And Of Course, Lots of Valuable Content that positions you as an authority online.


3 ‘Lead Converting’ Network Marketing Websites Built on Thrive Themes Squared Theme: Examples

Lead Converting Network Marketing Website, Example 1: Lisa Jones. Lisa is a distributor for Enagic. The Branding Focuses on Her not her company, which is why you will find no company logos on her site. This enables her to switch out companies later down the line if she chooses, and collect leads on the front end. Thrive Themes, Thrive Leads was installed, which offers several opportunities to convert website visitors into leads.

Lead Converting Network Marketing Website, Example 2: Also built on Thrive Themes Squared, this vibrant ‘couples branded’ Lead-Converting Network Marketing Website belongs to Charles and Lily Baldwin. Again, the branding is generic so they can capture leads on the front end and funnel them into any business opportunity or sell any product they want through their blogging and marketing efforts.

Lead Converting Network Marketing Website, Example 3: Also built on Thrive Themes Squared, Simon Loi is also a distributor for a Network Marketing Company and his website features a bright yet masculine color palette that resonates with his target audience, and it also features lead capture opportunities, including a pop under thrive leads lead ribbon below.

3 ‘Lead Converting’ Network Marketing Websites Built on Thrive Themes Squared Theme: Conclusion

So now that you have a good idea what a Lead Converting Network Marketing Website Built on Thrive Themes looks like, now it’s your turn to create a brand online that positions you as a credible expert and attracts your target prospects to you!

If You’re a Do-it-yourselfer, you’ll want to take my step by step, Build-A-Blog Mini-Course that walks you through the process of setting up the foundation for your own Lead Converting Network Marketing Website using Thrive Themes.

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