If You’re building a Business Online, namely a Network Marketing Business, it goes without saying that you should have a website. A Website is where you can Brand Yourself, grow the ‘know, like and trust factor’ with your visitors and set yourself apart from other distributors online that are in the same company that you are.

But not every page is the same and there are some pages that are more important than others.

As a matter of fact, there is ONE Page that Trumps them all and it’s the ‘Sticky Glue’ that gets people to either become MORE Attracted to you and Trust you (almost instantly) or it will Repel them and compel them to ‘CLICK’ off your page.

And If You are all about Rejection-Free Attraction Marketing… and only want to attract people who WANT to work with you and follow you and filter out the disqualified prospects…

This is EXACTLY What you want this page to do for you… (More in a minute about it)

So Let’s Dive Right into it and at the end of this Article, You will Have an Opportunity To Learn How To Carefully Craft a Magnetic Page on Your Website Designed To Attract Your Perfect Prospects.

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Important Pages for Your Prospects

  1. Home Page
  2.  About ME Page
  3. Blog


Let’s Elaborate Further on Each One.


The Home Page is Obviously where Many people will Land if you give them the direct Link to your website or if you have it on a business Card.

Many people just display their Latest Blog Posts but after Much Research and testing…

Your Home Page should really get people into ACTION or ‘BUYING’  MODE.

That’s right.

At the end of the day you are selling people something.

Here are 3 Great Examples  Websites that get you into ‘Action Mode Fast’ on their Home Pages (Mine does as well)

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TheRiseToTheTop - David Siteman Garland

TheRiseToTheTop – David Siteman Garland

Notice How The Moment you land on Davids Front Page He’s Got a Place for you to Join his List. Then immediately he is Promoting his Products and Programs and Giving Away a Free Lead Magnet (Another List Builder) and Signature Training that leads to the selling of his Course.

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Ray Higdon – Network Marketing Business Trainer

Similar Format on Ray Higdon’s Website. He’s Got you into Action Mode the moment You land on his site. He is positioned to Build His List by Giving Away 29 Sources to Get Leads Now and he’s Also Got his Products and Signature Training Front and Center above the fold. Your Home Page is Meant to Showcase Your Offerings.

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And As Not To keep the Ladies Out, Let’s Look at one of my Favorite Female Entrepreneurs – Dani Johnson.


Dani Johnson – Network Marketing & Business Trainer

Again, Front and Center, Dani’s Home Page is Exposing Visitors to Her Products and Services First. (Not her Blog Posts) and She is building her list with an optin form. Her Blog Posts are further down the page but what is Front and Center is Opportunities to Get Her Visitors into ‘ACTION’ or BUYING Mode.


Just like a Retail Website, your end goal is to sell someone either a

  • Product
  • Service or
  • Your Business Opportunity

So Your Home Page Should Put people into ‘BUYING MODE’…

You should have atleast 3 Featured Sections that Are ‘Quicklinks’ to Products or Services that your Visitors can Look More into and Potentially make a buying decision.

You should also have an Optin Form on your Home Page.

Barbie Website

You’ll Notice under my Header I have an Optin Form to Collect Names and emails so I can build my list.

While You are here, I will tell you a secret.

After my latest testing… a Lightbox Performs BETTER On a Home Page than a Static optin form.


Many people say they hate Pop-ups but THEY WORK and THEY WORK WELL to Convert Visitors to Leads, but that is a more extensive post for another day.



Talk about one of THE MOST important pages on your website, ESPECIALLY if you are a Network Marketer. In a Business that’s Completely Centered around Creating Life Long Relationships and Working along side of people that you ACTUALLY LIKE, your About Me Page is one of THE Most Critical Pages on Your Website.

Do not take this lightly.

Your About Me Page is a Silent Salesperson that will Qualify or Disqualify Prospects. It will Either Attract or Repel. It will either Get people to take the next step with You, or it will get them to Click off your website.

Because of my About Me page on one of my very first websites when I was in the Affiliate marketing/Network Marketing Space, I earned my very first $3,000 commission from a Total STRANGER because she had read my ‘About Me Page’ Also known as your MY STORY Page.

Why is your ‘About Me Page’ So Important?

Listen very carefully…



Click Here to Enroll in the ‘My Story Method’ Mini Course

They are skeptical by nature but they are even MORE Skeptical online.

People do not Know YOU from ADAM.

Yet you want them to hand over Money.

People, in general, buy from PEOPLE That they know like and trust and Specifically Network Marketing is a PEOPLE Business because you have to SELL YOURSELF FIRST before you sell your products, therefore, you want to Set yourself apart from everyone else that is doing the same thing you’re doing in your company and the ONLY Way to set yourself apart is…


That is How You Connect with people.

It’s the STICKY GLUE that Connects Your Perfect Prospect to you.

I created a Mini-Course about how to Write a Compelling ‘About Me Page’ Designed to attract your perfect Prospect. I give this Mini-Course to My Branding Clients as a Bonus before we launch their Websites and many of them have attributed their Ability to Attract More Awesome Partners into their business because of what they learned in my Book.

You Can Get a Copy of the Book Here:

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  • Your Blog

Of Course Your Blog is where you will create helpful entries (much like this one) that educates your Prospects and Leads them to a CALL TO ACTION. Many Blog Posts miss adding a call to action.

People need guidance.

They NEED to be told what to do next.

Do you want them to click on a LINK after your blog post?

Share your Post?

Leave Comments?

Join Your List?

Whatever it is, Tell Them!

A Quick Mention about the Contact Page…

Of Course a contact page is important and a simple plugin like Contact 7 will help you add some quick code that will allow your visitors to email you through your website.

Trust me though if you are heavily engaged on social media, they WILL find You.

I have a Business Page on Facebook and Many Clients end up contacting me through my Business Page because Facebook has a messaging format that is quite convenient for Clients, so wanted to bring that up.

3 Pages Most People Don’t Ever Talk About

Ok These 3 Pages I’m going to Run Down Quickly because This CAN Be a Blog post on it’s own but there are 3 Pages You Absolutely MUST HAVE on your website to Stay Compliant with the ‘ABC Agency’ Namely the FTC.

And these pages will also be Required IF You have a shopping Cart and Are selling products on your website, like some of my clients do, and you need to add a 3rd party payment processor like Authorize.net or Chase, to process credit cards.

  1. You need to have a Disclaimer Page that lets visitors (and the FTC) know that you may make affiliate commissions from links throughout your website. You’ve GOT to Cover Your Butt and make sure this page is on your website.
  2. A Privacy Policy Page: You need a privacy policy that tells visitors how you collect information. I love using THRIVE THEMES because they already have the verbiage for these Pages as a template onboard on their themes. I build all my client websites using Thrive and I highly recommend using them because your butt will be covered as far as your Legal Pages go. I wrote a blog post about Thrive Themes that you can read more about here.
  3. If You sell products, you will need a REFUND POLICY Page to comply with 3rd Party Payment Processors so before you fill in that application through your bank to process credit cards on your site, you will need to have these pages on there.

Personally I check out through Paypal Securely and so I avoid the hassle of that but if you want to go through your bank, just be advised you will need these pages on your website.

So That’s IT in a Nutshell!

The Good News is that We Focus on creating Online Assets for Clients that Help them Generate Leads and MAKE MORE MONEY!

You Can Learn More on how You Can Work Together On Your Professional Network Marketing Website By Clicking here.

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