5  ‘Lead Converting’ Websites Built with Thrive Themes

If You’ve Ever wondered if You can Create Beautiful Client Websites Using Thrive Themes and You are either a WordPress Developer, Designer or An Internet Marketing Do-it-Yourselfer Type…

You’ll Absolutely LOVE the Flexibility that Thrive Themes offers when it comes to designing Beautiful Websites that Convert Leads For Clients.

Now if you want to read a full on Review of Thrive Themes you can read more about the 10 Powerful Reasons I made the Switch To Thrive Themes.

Website #1: Kangenwateroflife.com :

This website was built for a Network Marketing Professional To Distinguish herself in the Market Place amongst other Distributors in Her company. Using Thrive Themes I was able to Brand the website to her Personality giving it a More Unique Look and of course there are several areas on the website that is Designed Strategically for Visitor to Lead Conversion.


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Website #2: KangenWell.com

This website was built for a Network Marketing Professional To Distinguish himself in the Market Place amongst other Distributors in His company. Since Launching His Site, within 90 Days his Business Opportunity Leads have increased by 200% and He is now Attracting New Lead inquiries almost daily from all over the world from people who both want to purchase his Core Product and Join his Business. (If You’d like to learn More about How to do that for Yourself, you can access my 7 Day Free Training Series Here)


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Website #3: DoralInsuranceCG.com

Need to Design a Corporate Website? No Problem. This was also Created using Thrive Themes. I Just Love the Clean Layout and the ability to Customize the Website to Reflect the Company’s Brand (Which I re-Vamped). The Sleek Modern Design is Just what this Insurance Company Needed to Stay Relevant in our Social Media Driven Times.


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Website #4: ChrisValdesDogTraining.com

Wouldn’t you Totally Hire this ‘Delray Beach Dog Trainer’? This Adorable, Bright, Lively and Pup Friendly Website was also Designed using Thrive Themes. You’d Never Know it though! I simply Love all the customization options that Thrive Themes offer and within just a couple of days of launching My Client already received 2 Inquiries, one of which he Booked a Consultation and Closed the Sale. Way To Go!


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Website #5: ShellyAllen.com

When Empowerment Coach, Shelly Allen Approached me about a Website, I had a completely Clean Canvas to Start With. From Mood Board to Launch, I knew that Her Business Launch would be a Smash Hit if I built her Site on Thrive Themes. Sure Enough, Within days of Launch, Shelly was able to Sell Multiple Copies of her One Time Offer/Tripwire Because of the well though out Sales funnel I created for her Business… Thanks to Thrive Themes, she didn’t have to purchase any additional Software, She was able to Make Sales Right from The Sales Process we created. Since Then She’s Become a Sales Funnel Queen Launching Several mini Funnels, thanks to the On Board Lead Pages available with the Thrive themes Developer License I was able to install on her website…


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BONUS Website #6: PersonalBrandingforProfit.biz

Ok So I lied, I had to of course mention my own website as Thrive Theme Website #6. After doing tons of research and study, I ended up becoming a die hard user of Thrive Themes for So Many Reasons. As an Internet Marketer, Lead Conversion is Top Priority. Pretty Websites are… well.. pretty.. but I’m of the Firm Belief that Your Website is a Tool to Replace alot of the Mundane Repetitive Work most business owners do to Attract More Clients/Customers or Business Partners.

Many Business Owners are not aware of the Impact a Well Thought out Website can have on a business. My Website Churns out Sales, Leads and Clients, which is exactly what a Website Should Do. And Thrive Themes marries Aesthetics and Functionality to Create a Beautiful Space on the Web that Helps You Make Money.


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So If You’re Reading this far, you’re probably on the edge, wondering if you should invest in Thrive Themes.

I will Give You My Perspective as a Professional Branding & Internet Marketing Coach for Small Business Owners & Network Marketing Professionals.

Thrive Themes Licenses – Where is the Most Bang for Your Buck?

Although these are just screenshots of the Projects we Created for my clients, there are also Sales Funnels and Lead Capturing Systems that simply cannot all be captured on a screenshot, lol. That being said, There is over $12,000 Worth of Websites on this Page Alone.

I have made back my investment in Thrive Themes 10 Times over… and I haven’t even pictured all of the websites we’ve created using Thrive.

Just The Onboard Capture Page System Alone, that comes included with The Single or Developer License, Is Worth The Price of the License itself.

Thrive themes Landing Pages

Thrive Themes Landing Pages & Sales Pages

Thrive Themes Single License: (Good Value) – The Thrive Themes Single User License is perfect for an End User who only plans on building websites for themselves. Thrive is Super Strict about their Licenses and you will have to Enter a License Number for Every Product You Install on Your site and that also applies to their Landing Page and Thrive Leads Plugins… So don’t think you can circumvent getting around their license because your website will not work without one.  Purchasing The Thrive Themes Personal Use License is a Better Value than buying individual items because you are constantly getting Updates, New Trainnigs (Which I LOVE) because Shane is also an Internet Marketer and he is Hyper Proactive about creating better and sleeker tools designed to help you (or Help You help Your Clients) Generate More leads (& Make More Money)

Thrive Themes Developer License: (Best Value) – If You are a Web Developer, like I am, and you Work with Clients, I highly recommend that you invest in the Thrive Themes Developer License. It is some of the BEST MONEY I’ve ever Spent. Just to give you an idea, I came from using Visual Bakery’s Visual Composer Editor and the Thrive Theme Builder makes that look like 1980’s Bitmap. It’s old Clunky and you cannot see in real time what you are doing…

Just the Thrive Builder ALONE Will Save You TONS of time. I love it! And My Goal is to help My Clients get Results… And in order for a client to really see results from their website, they NEED to see it making money for them.

Where Most designers Just Focus on the Prettiness of a site, Thrive Themes Empowers you to Install so many Lead Capturing Assets on your Clients Websites it will make their head spin once they see the leads flowing in!

I have a client who has NO Clue about marketing generate 10 Leads on her website in just a few days! Makes Me Giggle it’s so easy once you have the right tools.

Of course I do have lots of Marketing Experience which totally helps, so if You’re a Web Developer that would like to Up their Marketing Game so you can become even MORE Valuable To Your Client… You may Want to check out the same Marketing System I use after I hand over a project to my client… (and it earns me another $100 Residual Per Month)


See Marketing System Here

I’ve been in this Branding Space for over 10 Years, 7 Years working with WordPress and I can tell you I’ve worked with Tons of Themes but when it comes to Internet Marketing and Actively Getting Results for Clients, Thrive Themes is my GO TO WordPress theme designed specifically for Lead Conversion.

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