5 Secret Tips Behind a $1,000+ Passive Income Blog Post

Ever since I decided to build a business online, I knew that I had to figure out a way to create additional streams of [passive] income, aside from my main offer which has been custom Personal Branding Web Design.

These passive income streams couldn’t just be random ways to make a quick buck, it had to be something that made sense. It had to compliment what it was that I was already selling and it had to add value to my targeted audience.

See, when I first launched my business back in 2004, I pretty much had no leverage. I was branding struggling eBay stores and turning them into successful cohesive brands that people wanted to flock to and buy from. That business eventually evolved into personal branding for small businesses and individuals, such as Fitness Trainers, Dog Trainers, Life Coaches and Network Marketing Professionals.

The biggest challenge I was having is that I had basically created myself a good paying job, that kept me prisoner at my desk for hours on end, and if I didn’t have a new client that week, I wasn’t making any money.

I was stuck in a proverbial catch 22 and I had to figure out how to make money, in between clients, that did not interfere with what I was already doing and didn’t require me to be chained to my computer all day.

Shortly after,  I was introduced to the world of Internet Marketing.

The idea of using Tools and technology to automate my content, and have it appear on google, in front of people who were searching for answers to their problems, and then having them click on a link and buy something, even if I was sleeping was like an answered prayer to this stay at home working mom of 3.

Soon after I signed up for an intensive mentorship program that taught entrepreneurs to generate free leads and make sales using Youtube videos and a personalized website. Back then we used myspace but then, we transitioned to using Personal Branded ‘Instant Authority’ Websites, much like this one.

Using Blogging & Youtube Videos to Get Found on Google Searches

So I committed to making videos and using automated systems, like sales funnels, to send quality leads through a sales process so that I could continue to make passive sales, even if I was not at my computer.

Using this exact game plan, I earned my very first $3,000 from a total stranger online.

It was a pretty exhilarating feeling because I knew that the training I signed up for worked!

Blogging and Video Marketing would be my go to ‘free’ marketing strategies that I’ve mastered and have been using for years. Just recently I also added Twitter to the mix, because I discovered how I could use Special Tools to automate and put my content in front of my target audience without complicated SEO. I show you exactly how I do this in my 24/7 Traffic Machine Course. 

So why do some people make sales with their blog posts and others don’t?

It’s simply because they are not using the tools correctly.

In this blog post I’m going to share the secret behind a blog post that has already made over $1,000 passively, by doing the work one time and then using tools and technology to continue to put the content in front of the right people, over and over again.

5 Secret Tips Behind a $1,000+ Passive Income Blog Post: MINDSET

#1 The first thing you have to do before you can have a blog post that makes passive income is that you have to change the way you look at writing blog posts.

You have to write to make sales, not just to get fans.

That is not to say that you’re going to write a garbage blog post with a link to a product at the end…


Your blog post must STILL Add value to your target audience, but if you want to make a profit, it should include recommended resources throughout the blog post with a strong call to action at the end.

Your Blog Posts MUST have a specific purpose and the purpose of your blog posts should boil down to these 2 things.

  1. To Generate Leads and Build your Email List
  2. To Make Sales


You Must start writing for PROFIT and not just for PRAISE.

You must start writing for PROFIT and NOT just for PRAISE, if you want to generate leads and make sales with your blog posts.

Trust me, it took a while for me to really get this concept.

YES your blog posts should add value to your target audience but it you are not giving a CLEAR CALL TO ACTION at the end of your post or throughout the blog piece, you are defeating the purpose.

The convenience of using your blog is that it continues working for you 24/7 even when you’re sleeping but if you want it to make sales, you must add value and include a strong call to action.

#2 The second thing you have to do before you can have a blog post that makes passive income is that you align with products or services that compliment your business and what you are already selling.

So let’s say you are an affiliate for a product that goes perfectly with your Main Offer. Let’s take my own business for example: Marketing & Web Design. in my Case, it make sense for me to become an affiliate of certain tools, technology and WordPress Themes.

Just to give you an idea: I’m affiliate with –

  • Thrive Themes – the #1 Lead Converting WordPress Theme designed for Conversion Focused Websites.
  • Aweber: my Favorite Autoresponder that helps you collect leads, build your email list and write follow up emails.
  • Clickfunnels – The Best 3rd Party Sales Funnel Software

These 3 examples are tools and services that fit perfectly into my business which is Web Design and Marketing.

So I recommend that you search for a few products that you can affiliate with that pay atleast a 30% commission, so that when you write a blog post, and someone clicks on your affiliate link, you can make some extra passive income.

My Thrive Themes Blog Posts have surpassed $1,000 in extra Passive income.


My Thrive Themes Blog Posts have surpassed $1,000 in extra Passive income and these commissions came passively from my blog posts. You can check out those posts here and here.

Let me give you one more example. Say you’re a Fitness Trainer or Health Coach: You can become either an Amazon Affiliate or search on Clickbank for products that compliment your main offer. Perhaps you can blog about special fitness equipment or a nutritional supplement. As long as it relates to whatever your main offer is, then go for it!

#3 The third thing you have to do before you can have a blog post that makes passive income is that you should write blog posts around what your target audience wants to learn more about, even if they don’t take your main offer.

I know for a fact that not everyone that visits my website will want to purchase one of my web design packages. But I still know that I can add value to those who are in different stages of the sales process, by writing about products or services or even creating tutorials that will help them achieve what they are looking for. For Example, I know a lot of people who read my blog are ‘Do-it-Yourselfers’. They like to dig in and build their websites themselves or perhaps they just don’t have the budget right now, to afford one of my custom packages. Therefore, I know I can still help them by creating helpful tutorials that will help them build their websites on their own and then I recommend my favorite tools to help them do so, like using Thrive Themes for example. So if you are a fitness coach, and you offer a monthly membership, let’s say, and people are not ready to join, you can still write blog posts about books you’ve read that will help them, or even teach them how to make tasty recipes in an instant pot, and make sure you grab your affiliate link for the instant pot on Amazon. Get it? =) You are still offering help and value to your target audience, and still generating some passive income even if they are not ready to take your main offer.

#4 The fourth thing you have to do before you can have a blog post that makes passive income is that you should start with the end in mind.

So let’s say you are an affiliate with Thrive Themes, like I am. I will create a spreadsheet in Numbers on My MacBook Pro and I will do a quick google search of keywords people are using to find out more about Thrive themes. Some examples are people are looking for websites built on Thrive themes, or how to use a certain Thrive Themes plugin, so I will write blog posts in advance that answer those questions. That way, I capture the people who know what they want, they are ready to buy and they are just looking for helpful information to solve their problem. I will usually write a blog post and then also sometimes I will cut a video to upload to youtube that has the same keywords, so that I have a one-two punch effect. Both my blog post is generating traffic and my youtube video is sending traffic to my blog post. Then I have a very strong call to action at the end that goes along the lines of something like this:

Are you ready to build your own website using Thrive Themes? Check out Thrive Yourself by clicking on this link!

So make sure to have a call to action at the end of your blog post and I recommend that you create a worksheet in excel or numbers and jot down the keywords people are entering on google, and then write blog posts that answer those questions, this way you intercept the buyers that are looking for this information!

And last but not least…

#5 The fifth thing you have to do before you can have a blog post that makes passive income is that you need to market your blog posts, and put them in front of your audience over and over again!

SEO is a great way to make sure the blog posts you have worked so hard to write, make it on the google search engines, but SEO can take some time. And once you write your blog posts you want to ‘market them’. Meaning, you want to put your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible!

How can you do that super fast?

Well there is a paid method, which is installing a Facebook pixel inside your blog post and running Facebook ads to your blog posts OR you can automate placing your content in front of your target audience virtually cost-free over and over and over again! This is what I do every time I write and publish a New Blog Post.

I either do this which helps me syndicate my posts quickly but my favorite strategy is using my 24/7 Traffic Machine. This drives traffic to my blog posts almost instantly and it keeps working around the clock. So if my target audience missed my post the first time around, my 24/7 Traffic Machine will guarantee that they will see it every single day, even if you don’t know complicated SEO.

So there You have it. Those are 5 Tips to help You Turn Your Blog Posts into Profitable Money Making Assets that produce leads and sales for you long after you wrote them.

Just always be sure that your posts are full of value and they are helpful to your target audience.

And if you are just not sure where to Start with your own Branded Profit Pulling Blog, I have created a Special ‘Instant-Authority’ Lead Converting Website Package that will help you get a jumpstart in generating leads and getting eyeballs on your business online.

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