Barbie Figueroa is...

The Girl You Call when you're not sure how to setup your business online and you want to work with someone you can Trust. She's been the secret weapon behind 6 & 7 Figure Earners including daytime Celebrities, who have trusted her with sensitive personal information. She will guide you to taking your offline business online, or if you have a new business on the internet, she will help you navigate the sometimes complicated world of online marketing, and she will also help you find more money in your business.  Barbie also has the ability to help you see qualities that you don't see in yourself and has an uncanny ability to get a feeling for who you are, and translate that onto the web. She's helped countless entrepreneurs Brand, Launch and Automate their business online and her most important goal is to help jump-start your business so you can fly. Kinda like a momma bird eventually kicks the baby bird out of the nest =) She is also an award winning Internet Marketing Affiliate  in Multiple online programs and She took #1 Place as an Affiliate in a Blogging Course Contest, and has walked the stage for 2 different online companies. If You're looking for 'business-as-usual' she's not the right fit for you. But if you are warm, passionate, fair and want someone who will pour their heart into your business, Barbie is your Girl.


I'm a mom of 3, a wife, a follower of Christ and am passionate about living a purpose driven life.  I believe everyone was born with a God-Given Gift and Talent, and external circumstances get in the way of us developing those talents to their fullest. I have also been on my own journey of living up to my God Given Potential and for now, my mission is to help you create freedom in your life through the calling of online business and helping you get your message out to the world, using tools, systems technology and monetization strategies. I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon!

All My Love,

Barbie Figueroa

Barbie Figueroa is a ROCK STAR Internet Marketer. I recently held a contest for my affiliate partners, and out of the gate, Barbie came out on top. She went full throttle and was able to earn 1st place out of hundreds of other affiliates.

Not only is she an incredible marketer, but she's and incredible person that you need to get to know and follow. Listen to her and you'll achieve success like she has.​

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