About Barbie

How a Mom of 3 Boys, Planned her escape from the Rat Race, and Built her own little Marketing Empire Online.

How a (College Dropout) & Mom of 3 Boys, Planned her Permanent Escape from the 9-5 Rat Race, and Built her own little Marketing Empire Online.

It Wasn’t Easy. But it Was Worth It.

If You would have asked me in high school if I was going to own my own business one day, I would have told you you are crazy.

A Small town Cuban girl from a family of 5, whose dream every since I could remember was to be a ‘super mom’ for her kids one day, I never imagined what my future would hold.

All I knew was that I wanted to be a present mother for my future kids and give them a different life than I had.

I was the nerdy loner girl in high school with a total of 3 friends.

(Of Course) I was a member of the Drama Club (that’s where all the misfit toys end up right?) and I was one of the Editors on staff of my Highschool Newspaper. I was also a member of the Quill and Scroll Club and Creative writing was my favorite subject.

Little did I know, that even though I didn’t really care for school, because I was always extremely socially awkward (still am!) that I would end up using those gifts to create a supplemental income from the comfort of my home.

8 Years Sporting a Hard Hat and Construction Boots?

To make a very long story short, I left my parents house when I was 18 Years old and moved into a Garage where I had no phone and had to wash my dishes in the bathroom sink. Fun Times.

I got a full tuition scholarship to Florida International University for Theater with a Minor in Journalism, but ended up dropping out after I knew in my heart that Theater was not the right fit for me as I would have to compromise my values. (I ended up walking out of a theater class after learning that Equuis was the first production, and if you know anything about theater, let’s just say the main character had to be Nude the whole time. I also didn’t want to spend my career kissing strangers, so I know it was the right decision till this day.

However, those Skills have always served me as I LOVE Youtube Marketing and thoroughly enjoy making my own little ‘Marketing Movies’ from my home office =) Nothing Wasted right?

I ended up getting a Temp Job for a Construction Company, and that led to me getting hired by a General Contractor and working out in the Field. Although I hate working for someone else, I loved the Construction Industry. I Guess I’m a builder at heart!

I was the only woman on a job site over about 250 Men.

Soon after I met my husband and being an Entrepreneur was coded into his DNA.

Little did I know, I was about to take a VERY BUMPY RIDE.

The Life of an Entrepreneur is NOT EASY.

You don’t know where your next ‘check’ is going to come from, you don’t know if you’ll have a roof over your head a few months from now, you have to be fast on your feet and you have to have Guts to move forward, even when you don’t have a plan or someone telling you what to do.

That was our life for several years as we built a Retail Business that ended up closing after my first son was born.

But everything is a blessing in disguise because although I would help my husband run his computer shop, while I worked for a Construction Contractor, watching him grow his business would give me a glimpse into building my own.

Escaping the Work Force

After leaving the workforce to stay home with my son, I ended up with a Stay At Home Job (thank God!) which paid enough to keep us afloat while my husband figured out how to regroup after we closed down our first business.

Soon after that, things got a bit better and I moved on to Selling on Ebay.

I became a Silver Power Seller in a record breaking 3 months!

That was a Pivotal time for me because it’s what led to the launch of MY very first Marketing Company, servicing the eBay Store Niche.

My store was so successful and I attribute it to the fact that I rebranded my store and came up with a marketing plan. I did so well that other sellers would email me asking me to rebrand THEIR Stores, so my first business was born and I eventually closed my eBay Store to pursue a Design and Marketing Career that I had absolutely NO CLUE would manifest from all my experiences.

My First $3,000 Online From a Total Stranger and The Launch of My Branding & Marketing Company

In 2008 I started tinkering with online marketing and I signed up for a Leadership Development Training Community where I learned how to Leverage Video Marketing To Generate Leads.

After I made my very first $3,000 Commission online from a Total Stranger, I was absolutely convinced that anyone with the Right Information who was willing to take Action could not only make money online but grow a thriving business.

Being the Introvert that I am, I was painfully shy to approach people and hard sell products and services, so I committed to learn everything I could about Attraction Marketing and get people to come to me, with credit card in hand and ready to buy.

I learned from some of the BEST Marketers in the Industry:

I attribute alot of my Online Success to

  • MLM Goldmine (the first mentorship program I ever enrolled in)
  • Daegan Smith – The KING of never calling a single lead
  • Russel Brunson – The Master Marketer and King of Sales funnels
  • Jonathan Register – Master Copywriter and Blogging Domination Creator
  • Mike Dillard and Jonathan Budd who were the Catalysts for Attraction Marketing
  • & So Many More

I took everything I knew and not only started generating affiliate commissions from multiple sources but I began building my own little empire, and Helping OTHERS do the Same.

From a Loner Girl in Drama Club to a Self-Made Entrepreneur, I’ve won awards, affiliate contests, walked on stage for being in the top % of several Business Programs and I’ve created my own Training Courses.

I’ve written Copy for some of the Top Names in the Personal Development Niche and I’ve worked with Celebrity Clients to brand their businesses online.

I love helping people build a leveraged ‘attraction marketing’ based business, that also allows them to have a life.

So that is the Cliff Notes Version of My Story and I look forward to meeting you and working with you very soon!