I just wrote a Review about Jonathan Register’s Blogging Domination Blueprint which you can check out by clicking this link. And I wanted to provide a quick update on what has happened since I purchased the course and began implementing his strategies.  After sitting with the Blogging Domination Blueprint Course I am happy to report that I’ve already increased traffic flow to my blog and have earned close to $200.00 in a 3 day period, in my Sleep!

This excites me so much that I want to share his course with everyone that has a serious interest in leveraging their business and seriously implementing Jonathan’s Blogging Domination Blueprint Course to create Maximum Leverage in their Network Marketing Business, and specifically, Team Beachbody.

What is SO Great about Jonathan Register’s Blogging Domination Blueprint and My Shameless Bonus Offer it You Purchase from My Link =)

I’ve got to tell you that I have a library of all kinds of marketing courses, ranging from Mike Dillards, Magnetic Sponsoring, to Copy writing Guru Ben Settle’s Cracker Jack Selling Secrets, to Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing. I think you get the picture that I’m big into Marketing and I am very serious about picking up courses that are going to help me fulfill my dreams of creating leverage on the Internet so that I can spend more time creating more ‘TIME FREEDOM’.

Once I became a beachbody coach, however, my focus shifted to using Team beachbody as the Vehicle I use to create that Time Freedom but I never fully translated my marketing experience in a way that yielded consistent results or provided a way for my team to duplicate Internet Marketing.

I’d been asking myself, for the last few months, ‘If Only there were a Killer Blogging Course that I could recommend to my Downline, I know we could all get on the same page and start duplicating Success and Enjoying Way More Leverage’.

So you can imagine that when I stumbled upon Jonathan Registers Blogging Domination Blueprint, I knew that I had found the Solution to my problems!

This is why I’m so excited to share this with my Team and my fellow beachbody coaches because I absolutely BELIEVE that this is the Missing Link so many people have been searching for, specifially for those who seriously want to build a thriving business using the power and the leverage that the internet and blogging have to offer.

I am SO convinced that you will get a TON of Value from his course, and that if you APPLY what you learn, that you will unequivocally, and undoubtedly Get MASSIVE Results!

So Before I get to the Bonuses…

Let’s See Some PROOF that the Blogging Domination Blueprint Course Actually WORKS!!


In Just a little over 24 Hours, you can see a Significant Spike of Traffic to My Blog with a total of 202 Visit on May 4th Alone! Keep in Mind that I JUST Re-Launched my Blog because I recently changed hosting from Godaddy, to hostgator (that is a whole other story!) and so I basically had to start on a Clean Slate!

But it Get’s Better…

Check out the Conversion Rate (Traffic to Optins To Sales) in just a 3 Day Period

Now out of All Fairness, 1 of the Sales came from a Team Member, the others came from people who went straight to my blog posts. So I was Completely Leveraged when the sales occured!

So Now that You KNOW it Works and you can apply this information to whatever Niche you are Targeting, Let’s Get down to the Bonuses I’m offering when you purchase Jonathan Register’s Blogging Domination Blueprint Directly from My Link!

 Get Your Blogging Domination Blueprint EXCLUSIVE BONUSES

  • Bonus #1: Instantly Qualify for the 30 Day Marketing Challenge. Challengers will be part of a Private Accountability group that will Blog for 30 Days as well as Comment and Syndicate on Each others Blog Posts to get your Blogs and Articles Ranked into the Search Engines Faster! (Lots of Backlinks will be created doing this as well!)
  • Bonus #2: Private Tele-Conference Featuring How to Craft your ‘My Story Marketing’ Page on your Blog. Star Diamond Coach Barbie Figueroa will break down the 6 Step Formula of breaking down your Story and Critique and help you perfect your My Story Outline for your Blog.
  • Bonus #3: Exclusive Access to a Special Webinar Featuring Jonathan Register himself! (Book Your Calendars for May 15th, Tuesday at 8PM! You do NOT want to miss this!!!
  • Bonus #4: Get a FREE Copy of My Exclusive E-Book Titled: Marketing Funnel MasteryHow to Profit from Lead Generation and Automate The Sponsoring Process.
  • Bonus #5: Receive a Zip File Containing a Premium Theme so you can have a Sleek, professional looking blog straight out of the box.
And if that weren’t enough, You can Register for FREE Training from Myself and Join My Internet Marketing Training Community on Facebook where you will learn how to Use the Network Marketing Goldmine Formula in conjunction with Jonathan Register’s Gravity Formula – Blogging Domination Blueprint Course, to Generate Hot Prospects in your Sleep, with credit card in hand and Ready to Buy!!
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How To Claim Your Bonuses After you purchase your Copy of Jonathan Register’s: Gravity Formula – Blogging Domination Blueprint From My Link Below, Simply send me and email to barbiefigueroa@gmail.com with Your Name and Email Address and Date of Purchase, and I will Send you your Bonuses Right Away and you will automatically qualify to participate in my 30 Day Marketing Challenge to Create MASSIVE Momentum in Your Business

Once you Purchase, you will automatically get placed on the ‘Waiting List’ For the Official Start date of the 30 Day Marketing Challenge that will Kick Off the 3rd Week in May!

I’m so grateful to have discovered this course, I’m so happy I clicked on Jonathan’s Ad and my goal is to pay this forward to as many people as possible so they can start building their businesses and get into profit quickly!

If you have any questions regarding this blog post, Please do not hesitate to fill out the Contact Form on my Blog which you can get to by clicking on this link.