How To Brand Yourself In Network Marketing

This Post has been a long time coming and I’m very excited to share this insight.

As a Branding & Online Marketing Strategist, My Company has Designed and Launched Numerous ‘Branded Network Marketing Blogs’ For Professionals all around the Globe in the Network Marketing Industry.

In all of my years of helping Network Marketing Professionals Brand themselves, there seems to be an underlying confusion of exactly how To Brand Yourself in Network Marketing.

In this Article I will Share the Difference Of How Branding Works for each individual and how to set yourself apart if you fall into any of these Categories.

I’ve Come to the Conclusion that there are 3 Types Of Networkers in Network Marketing.

  1. The Business Professional Networker who LOVES their Network Marketing Company – This Person typically does not struggle in Network Marketing. They are more than likely already earning a Healthy Income (inside or outside of the Industry) and they are simply seeking to expand their Network Online.  They Love the Industry, they host their offline Meetings, they enjoy face to face presentations, they fly across the country to meet with their Teams. They Love the Company they are with and they are PROUD To Be associated with that company. (This is my ‘Typical’ Client)  They Want people to know they are Aligned with a Certain Company and they want to stand apart from OTHER Distributors in their Network. How I Brand Them is Different than the 2nd Type of Networker
  2. The Trainer/Affiliate Network Marketer: This is a Network Marketer who is alot like a Mullet, in the very best way possible, of course. They are Business in the Front and Party on the Back. They LEAD with Marketing Training and Affiliate Marketing Products and they use systems and Funnels to backend prospects into their Network Marketing Company.  They Typically Target OTHER Network Marketers who May be Struggling and They Use Affiliate products, tools and systems as Funded Proposal to Fund their Marketing while helping others build their network marketing company. Then there is the 3rd Type of networker which is
  3. The Product Lover Network Marketer. This Networker Loves the Products, Loves the Company and has a Story with the Products they are Using.  Chances are this person LOVED the Products before they even really knew about the Business. This Person loves to Educate their Target Market on the Products they use and they CAN Create their own products that lead people into their Network Marketing Company on the Backend, but in general, this is your ‘Retail To Recruit’ Crowd.

How To Brand Yourself in Network Marketing – The Business Professional Networker

Again, this Person Loves their Company. But just because you Love your company doesn’t mean you have to be a ‘Commercial’ for Your Company. When I Brand these Types of Clients, We may Use the Company Name in their Branding because they are strategically using their Web Presence to Attract Business Builders for their Company, however, as you’ll see in the Design-Proof Below, The Focus is still on a THEME also known as the Famous ‘WHY’.

When The Prospects WHY Correlates with Your Own, You’ve got a Good Prospect.

The Theme of this particular Client Project is ‘Life the Life You’ve Always Imagined’.

How do You Do That?

By Partnering With Lisa inside of Her Network Marketing Company.

The Branding Still Revolves around Her Personal Story, and why she chose her Network Marketing Company as the ‘Vehicle’ To Create the Life she imagined.

The Focus is on Branding HER as a Leader in Her Company.

You don’t see the Company Logos anywhere (although we’ve blurred out the Company name because we do use it in her Branding’)

This Client Typically uses Company Keywords to SEO their Blogs so that they are easily found on the Internet. They Are strategically Targeting Low Hanging Fruit – People who are ALREADY Looking to Join this Particular Network Marketing Company.

We Incorporate a ‘Business Opportunity’ Link that Leads to a Business Opportunity Sales Funnel that will Capture Leads, Present, Sort and Qualify Prospects on Her Behalf and they can Join Her by going through this ‘Business Funnel’ Qualification Process.

This is How You Brand Yourself to YOUR Network Marketing Company if You are Focused on attracting Business Builders.


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How To Brand Yourself in Network Marketing – The Trainer/Affiliate Networker

The Trainer Affiliate Network Marketer is One that Leads with Marketing Training. They’ve Positioned themselves to Target OTHER Network Marketers. This is the Networker You see that Brands Themselves as:

  • A Video Marketing Expert
  • A Lead Generation Expert
  • A Sponsoring & Recruiting Expert
  • An SEO Guru
  • A Branding Expert.. etc…

They Lead with Training, Monetize that training to Fund the Growth of their business and they then Prospect these Leads into whatever corresponding solution is best of the prospect, which may or may not be their Primary Network Marketing Company. (People who Lead With Attraction Marketing Systems like MLSP, for example, fall into this Group of Networkers)



Last But Not Least…

There is the Product Lover Network Marketer.

How To Brand Yourself in Network Marketing – The Product Lover Networker

Just because you love the products does that mean that you still are a Commercial For them?

Of Course not!

There is a Right way and a Wrong Way to Brand Yourself in Network Marketing if You’re a ‘Retail to Recruit’ Type of Networker.

A Perfect Example of this is the Networker who is aligned with a Health and Fitness Company.

You Lead with Teaching people about Health and Wellness based on Your Own Personal Story with Your Products. If You are not sure how to Package your Story, You can Register for my MY STORY METHOD MINI COURSE BELOW


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Below is an Example of How To Brand Yourself by LEADING WITH YOUR Product Success Story…

Kaitlyn Lost 200lbs with Her Very Popular Health & Fitness Company, yet You Do Not see her being a Commercial for Her Company. She is Leading with Her Product Success Story and her Posts are about Nutrition and Overcoming the obstacles she faced as a Morbidly Obese Woman. She is Branding Her Success Story but is still Focused on BRANDING HER – Not Branding All of her Company Logos.

Someone Like this example could even create their own Health & Wellness Mini-Course and Create their Own Funded Proposal to Put Some Money in their Pockets on the Front end, as they Sell products and then sponsor people into their Health and Wellness MLM On the Backend.


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How To Brand Yourself In Network Marketing – Conclusion

Hopefully this helps clear up some confusion for you!

I always like to Shy Away from using company logos or branding my clients as commercials for their Network Marketing Company. You must remember always, that people will research a company, BUT they will ultimately look for WHO to Join, which is why You MUST Brand YOURSELF and Not Your Network Marketing Company.

After Branding Countless of Entrepreneurs in the Network Marketing Industry, these are the 3 Types of Network Marketers you probably fall into.

Also remember that Branding Evolves as YOU Evolve.

Your Branding may last a Year or two and as you grow and expand, it may change. So Don’t Be Afraid to just plant some roots and then run with it.

If You are still not sure How You Should Be Branding Yourself…

Consider Scheduling a Branding Clarity Session to Sort it all out!

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