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Hi, I'm Barbie Figueroa. And I've been the Secret Weapon Behind Countless Successful 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs including Daytime Celebrities, Home Business Owners, Life Coaches, Fitness Trainers & a Variety of Small Businesses. I've helped Brand, Launch & Build Businesses Online, Including My Own...

Dear Business Owner: Are You Ready to Expand your Business Online, Reach New Markets and Generate Leads and Sales Like a Boss?

Have you attempted to have a website built in the past and got burned by a web designer who had absolutely no clue what they were doing and left you with a Pretty (or Ugly ) Website that sits there, deserted and abandoned like a forgotten old western ghost town and all you see are dusty brittle tumbleweeds rolling in the dust? Or maybe you're at the brink of making a decision but your gut is telling you to just do a little more research because what you really want is a website that converts visitors into paying customers?

Here's the Cold Hard Truth, Your Website is only as good as the LEADS & SALES You Generate from it. That's Right! If Your website is not helping you build your list and sell your products, you've got nothing but a glorified business card.

Aren't You READY for


Now I don't mean to be harsh, but web designers who only focus on graphic design or have no marketing experience and only in business for the money are what give our Industry a bad name and de-value the work that goes into building a Killer Website Presence that actually Produces Results.​

Your Website is ONLY As Good as the Leads You Generate and The Sales You Make From it!

What if you're reading these words right now and don't have a website yet? Well then you are one of the Lucky ones who will get it Right from the Start. 

My Company has been branding businesses since 2004 and trust me, it takes more than a pretty website to get the results you want. You See what happens to most small business owners when they are shopping around for a website, some are looking at it as this thing that they 'MUST-DO' so they just look for the lowest bidder who can whip up 4 pages and a header, and then they are disappointed and upset 6 months later when they didn't get the return on investment they expected. Many are still scratching their heads, wondering what happened.

I'm here to Stop You From Making that Big MISTAKE!

Let me let you in on a little secret:

Your website is no different than a brick and mortar store you see at a stripmall. The only difference is that your business is 'digital' and hosted on the internet, rather than at the corner of 44th & Pleasantville Street. You still need a powerful presence, you still need to drive traffic, and you still need to stay in front of your potential customers after they visit your website.

Your website is the Digital 'Online' Representation of Your Business and if you're not looking at it as the POWERHOUSE SALES TOOL that it is.. then your website is EXACTLY like the Business Card you hand out and gets thrown in the Trash and forgotten the next day.

Your Website should continue the Business Experience You give your prospects offline, because it is quite literally an extension of You and Your Company.

Your Website is a Powerhouse Profit Machine that Should be Cranking out Leads, Inquiries & Sales like Clockwork!

How an Ex-Royal Airforceman from the UK Built an International Water Business starting with Just an Internet Connection and a Laptop

Just take a look at my Client Pete from the UK. Now before we get into his case study, think about this for a minute... how on earth did I, a Mom of 3 Homeschooling Boys and a Small Business Owner from South Florida attract a Client all the way from the United Kingdom? By Harnessing the power of the INTERNET.  My Local friends still find it shocking how I can run my business from home, and work with clients from all over the globe and most of the time I do it in sweatpants and a T-Shirt!

Never in a million years could I have attracted a client across the pond had I not planted my business online. That is the POWER Of Claiming YOUR Spot on the World Wide Web.

Gone are the days where your business was confined to a static Geographical location, in other words, if you couldn't do business with people in your hometown, you drastically reduced your odds of finding New and exciting Business Opportunities.

The Internet has changed everything and now, Moms like myself, and other Entrepreneurial Action-Takers who seek to build a business that allows them to work from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection and a laptop, can now do so becuase of the Tools and Technology available in our NEW and Ever-growing Internet Economy, But I digress... Let's Get Back to Pete's Story.

Pete Chapman -

Pete was already considerably successful with his International Water Business, but something just wasn't clicking the way it should. After one look at his old Setup, I knew immediately what needed to change.

I said, 'Pete, You look like a water salesman, instead of a Leader in Your Company' - Pete's in the Network Marketing Industry, and making sales and recruiting partners is all about building trustworthy relationships that compel people to buy his over $2000 Water Machine.

So after consulting with Pete, and strategizing how he could Optimize his Lead Generation and get more people to pull the trigger and join his business...

I Devised a 'Sure-Fire' Plan to Get Pete Crazy Results!

See, after Pete, a widower, who is in his late 60's confided in me that ​his dream was to retire and build a beautiful home with his new wife in her home town in Thailand, and that a well executed marketing plan and website would help him fast-track and make his dream a reality faster, that honestly pulled at my heart strings and I knew that we had to go big, or go home and build a machine that would get him Massive results. This Investment HAD to Bear fruit for Pete, otherwise I failed at my job.

Well within just 30 Days of launching Petes' Brand New Website, A.K.A. Profit Pulling Marketing Machine and Finely Executed Lead Generation Funnel, Pete's Subscriber Base Skyrocketed by over 200%, and his Business Inquiries came pouring in almost daily. Along with his offline presentations, he is now signing up New Business Partners almost daily and is attracting more leads and sales than he knows what to do with!

You can Watch Pete's Video Testimonial​

Why Web-Designers Don't Perform Brain Surgery - And Neither Should You! (Unless you're a Brain Surgeon Of Course!)

Let's talk about the MISTAKES that many Business Owners make, to cut corners in their business and then shoot themselves in the foot later when they have to spend even more money to fix what's broken.

There's a DARN GOOD REASON that webdesigners don't perform Brain Surgery, and neither should you, unless you happen to be a brain surgeon, in that case, by all means, perform Your Magic! Don't be the business owner who spins your wheels and spend countless hours trying to design a website that looks like crap and still doesn't convert.  Don't try to frankenstein your website together, and end up tinkering until it breaks and you have no choice but to hire a professional. Don't Be that Guy!

Trying to build an online asset that has the potential to put hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket, and doing it wrong, is like being a Car Mechanic, trying to perform Brain Surgery, and accidentally killing your patient on the operation table.​ Whoops!

Now I know that sounds a little exaggerated, but my job is to fight for your freedom, and make sure that you have a beautifully packaged, lean mean lead generation money machine, so I have to be totally honest and share a piece of professional wisdom with you and that is...

Relax, and Leave Everything up to the


And Just in case you happen to be trying to Revive an Old Dying Dinosaur of a Website, Listen Closely, you need to hear this...

If you are resisting taking the leap it requires to take your business to the next level, just remember this...

Pouring Money and Time into An Old Outdated Ugly Website that Doesn't Convert into leads and cash,  is like putting red lipstick on a pig... no matter how much lipstick you apply on her, it's still going to be a pig =)

So What Does a Conversion-Focused Website Look Like and How does it Help YOU Increase Your Bottom Line?

A Killer Website Consists of 5 Main Characteristics:

  1. It Tells Your Company Story and Immediately Engages with Your Visitors
  2. It compels your visitors to Take a Specific Action to Get On Your Email List, this way you can continue marketing to people who visit your website, long after they have left your site. And the reason you want to do this is because Advertising is either Time-Consuming or EXPENSIVE and if you're paying for advertising, you may as well keep that lead on your list so you can continue marketing to them in the future which results in Tons of Advertising Dollars Saved and in Your Pocket!
  3. It then takes that visitor inside of a very specific and focused sales process, called a sales funnel, and a really really good one, should be producing profits almost immediately, just like we did for my Client Shelly Allen, which we will touch more on in just a minute.​
  4. It should absolutely be used as a tool that helps you create leverage, meaning, if you have questions that your clients ask regularly and you are tired of repeating yourself, you should have a Q&A Section on your site, and point your customers to it. You can also embed questionnaires or qualification forms on your site, to weed out prospects. These options are endless and only limited by your imagination. There was a time that I was getting people emailing me on Facebook about web design and I realized I was spending lots of time with people who weren't serious, so I added simple questionnaire forms on my site and that helped me save tons of time and only speak to people who took the time to fill out the forms.
  5. It should be built on Wordpress and connect to social media easily so that people can share and engage with your content on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and this also helps with your SEO and website rankings. The more people share your website, the higher the search engines will rank you because they will deem you as relevant.

Now most people don't know this, which is why they don't really value and properly invest in  their websites the way they should, but I generate leads daily through my website and close sales and sell products regularly, and you should be too.  See, graphics are important, they definitely serve their purpose, and designing a pretty website is just as important IF there is a marketing intention behind it. <<=== Read that 10 Times.

Your Graphics are there to tell a Brand Story, and that is only half of the battle.

Now as Walt Disney used to say, how do we 'Plus it?'​ How do you transform a website from a 'Business Card' to a legitimate sales tool that churns out leads and sales?

You Hire an EXPERT with a proven track record that knows how to get 'er done.​

To Use My Client Pete as an example, if a New Business Partner is Worth a Minimum of $2,000 and he sponsors 5 People Per Day... You Do the Math and decide if the investment he made was worth it.​

A Kick-Butt Website Should...

  • Brand You, Inc.
  • Build Your Business
  • Create Maximum Leverage
  • Generate Leads
  • Create Community
  • Prospect, Present and Sort Automatically
  • Build an Online Asset that Increases in Value over Time
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Share Your Message and Story with the World
  • Inspire people to Know, Like and Trust You!
  • Get Discovered
  • & YES.. MAKE MONEY!!!

But Most People Don't Have The Time or The Patience To Do it Themselves, Because...

  • Don't Have the Design Skills
  • Don't have Creativity
  • Don't Have the Technical Skills
  • Don't have an Eye for Design
  • Don't know what Converts Visitors into Leads
  • Don't have a vision to create their Brand
  • Don't Understand the Marketing Behind a High-Converting Website
  • Don't Have the Time or the Patience

How My Client, Empowerment Coach, Shelly Allen Started Generating Leads and Sales Just 24 Hours After Launching Her Website!

Barbie is a Creative Genius and a Marketing Master

Shelly Allen

We Turned Her UGLY Website that No Longer Represented Her Brand to a Gorgeous Inspiring Website which is an extension of her Personal Brand.

Now Here's The Cold Hard Truth...

The truth is, I was about to throw in the towel and shut the doors down on  Creating websites for Clients. As you can imagine, there are so many hours in the day and I can only create so many websites a month. Building a Website that produces results requires thought, planning and strategizing and it's something I don't outsource to others.

My Team helps me with some of the smaller steps, but for the most part, my job is to mastermind, structure and envision the right Setup that works for YOU and Your Business.

This is why I only have time to work with people who are truly serious about building their business online and trusting the experts who know how to create a 'magnetic' and 'strategic' piece of online real estate that will produce results as long as they follow my lead.

I've had clients in the past that thought that once their website was built, leads and cash would fall from the heavens and they would become Rich.

Remember, just as I said above, a website is no different than a Brick N Mortar store in a strip mall. The main difference is it won't cost you $10's of Thousands of Dollars to build but and your monthly overhead to run your site will be minuscule compared to what it costs to run a brick and mortar shop (trust me, I know, my husband and I owned one back in the 90's and the overhead and monthly expenses were sucking us DRY)

Just like a Brick N Mortar you Still have to Drive Traffic to it in order to get results, but lucky for you, I have a Network of contacts that can help you do just that.

What my team and I do is Build the SYSTEM. We Create the Storefront. Consider us the Builder/Contractor and Interior Designer​ of your Virtual Online Real Estate. And we know how to help You Make MONEY with Your site in ways you probably haven't even imagined.

This is why I only work with a SELECT Few individuals who are willing and ready to make the investment required to Produce a 'Lead-Converting' Cash-Producing Website and because I want to make sure we are a perfect fit to work together, I have setup an application form you can fill out so that I can learn more about You and Your Business. 

Website Planning & Construction

We will Handle Your WordPress Installation & Configuration. Install Essential Plugins, Menus, Pages, including Legal Pages. Connect Your Optin Form to Your Email Service, Install Widgets & More.

Personal Consultation

We Will Consult with You Personally & Listen to What Your Business is about, your vision and how You Would like your Website to Function to best serve You and Your Target Market. Then We will Translate that Energy into Your Digital Presence Online.

Professional Branding

We Will Capture Your Essence into Your Website and Create a Digital Masterpiece that is a reflection Of You and Your Brand and will Magnetize Your Target Market.

Mobile Friendly

All our Websites are 100% Mobile Friendly. Your Target Market is Mobile, and Your Website should be ready to serve them on-the-go wherever they are.

We do not just 'build websites'. We Build a Branding System that helps you Generate Leads and Sales automatically.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Jon Gustin is a Personal Trainer from Tennessee. We Branded his Website and then took his Business Next Level with a Sales Funnel. Once he launched his Sales Funnel he immediately generated more leads and Sales for his Summer Fitness Program.

Barbie Figueroa
Creator of Lead Converting Websites

About the Author

Barbie has been Branding, Launching and Helping Build Businesses since 2004 when she began transforming struggling eBay stores into successful ones through Branding, Marketing and Unique Sales Positioning.

Some of her clients include 6 & 7 Figure Earners and Daytime Celebrities. She is Trusted to produce Results and is passionate about seeing her clients succeed.

Who our Custom Website Package is NOT For...

Truthfully, everyone is not a fit for the service we offer.

If you are looking for a Cheap 4 Page Website. We are not the Company for You. If You are looking for a website that will make money without any work on your part, we are not for you. If you are not willing to invest into hiring experts who know how to build websites that convert into leads and cash? We are not for you.


If You have a 4 Figure Budget (Our Websites Start at $1697) and are serious about creating an online Asset that will continue to grow in value over time, generate leads and start producing cash once you start driving traffic to it (we will show you how) then by all means... Fill out the Website Strategy Application Form Below...

Here's a section that you can use for many purposes. For example, you can use it to showcase how your solution is better than other solutions out there. Or, compare the problems your reader is facing right now with the great solutions they'll enjoy once they purchase.

With Our Lead Converting Websites

  •  Generate More Leads 
  •  Make Micro-Cash Sales Quickly
  • Brand You
  • Connect with Your Audience
  • Build Your Email List
  • Website Monetization Strategies 

Without Our Website

  • Struggling To Generate Leads 
  • Pretty Website, No Results
  • No Leverage
  • No automation
  • No Monetization Strategy To Help You Make More Money

Here's a "What You Get" When You Purchase our 'Lead Converting Websites'

  • Marketing Consultation
  • Website Monetization Strategy
  • List Building Systems
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder with Bonus Marketing Tools, Countdown Timers & More
  • Bonus: My Story Method Course to Help You Create a Compelling About Me Page to Attract your Ideal Prospects
  • Personally Branded Visuals
  • Premium Lead Converting Wordpress Theme & Onboard Marketing Tools
  • Unlimited Onboard Lead Capture Pages 
  • Optional Trip Wire Sales Funnel To Create Instant Micro-Sales and Put Cash in Your Account Fast

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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