Every now and then a project will come along that truly lights me up. This is the case of PurposeFitLive’s creator, Brienne Christopher, a Dancer and Pilates instructor and most importantly, a Godly woman, on a mission to grow a purpose-driven fitness ministry that inspires women around the globe to take care of their God-gifted temples (Corinthians 3:16) and Glorify the Lord through their purpose.

When I first met Brienne all she had was a few photos, a logo and a dream, and a simple generic website that was just sitting idle online, ironically, with not much of a purpose.

After sitting down with the former ESPN commentator, mom of 2 awesome kids, and the Wife of Daytime Actor, Tyler Christopher, and listening to what her vision was, I quickly went to the drawing board to map out a plan.

Brienne needed more than a website, she needed to bring her vision to life.

And I was ready to take on the challenge to make it happen.

First step to creating a Website that sells, is Crafting Your Brand Story

I went to her website after our initial Facebook chat and all I saw was a pilates instructor. I was thinking to myself, how can I possibly set her apart from the crowd, so I kept on digging, until I discovered what looked like an Instagram post with a Bible Scripture on it that said : Fitness is my Witness.

Boom, I found my angle.

Brienne wasn’t just a pilates instructor, she was a faith-filled woman of God on a mission to use her gift of dance and pilates to inspire other women across the world to discover their own purpose.

She already offered pilates classes at a local studio in Indiana and the online classes she dreamed of offering would be unlike any other pilates class format.

She starts with prayer and ends in prayer and you get a great pilates workout in between.

What a Cool concept.

So we first scheduled a strategy session so I could learn more about Brienne’s Story and what her vision was, and we were both on the same page.

We started with Some Photos, a Logo and a Dream

Soon after booking her project with me she sent over some photos she had already taken and her logo. I built a Visual Brand Story around her professional photos and established a branding palette that we would use across the site.

Next, we needed a way for Brie to broadcast her classes through her website. We had toyed with a few options but we ended up using USTREAM.TV where now she broadcasts her online pilates classes 3 Days a week + a Bonus Class just for kids on Saturday, called ‘PurposefitKids’.

I wrote an extensive blog post about the process we went through to enable Brie to broadcast her classes LIVE on her website and you can check that out here.

Now that we were able to square away her Visual Story, Branding, Message and Broadcast her Classes Live from her website, we needed to be able to protect her content and sign up new members.

For that, we used the Premium WordPress Plugin, Memberpress, Memberpress protects premium content and takes care of all the billing for online memberships. I encourage you to look into this awesome plugin if you are looking to create a membership on your WordPress website.

After launch Brie signing up new members and now she broadcasts straight from her website.

We took the vision in her head and turned it into a Reality.

We took an idle Generic Website and helped Brienne transform it into a Thriving Fitness Ministry.

An Inspirational ‘My Story Promo Video’ Tied the Project Up with a Nice Bow =)

Did I mention that Brie is also a Speaker who you can hire for your next conference? Yep! So a few months after we launched Brie’s site, she contacted me to see if I knew how to put together some video clips and create a video she could use to promote her Ministry at different churches and across the web…

I was like, sure! I only have 8 years of video editing experience under my belt and videos on youtube with over 150,000 views, I know a thing or two about creating inspirational videos, so we took a bunch of clips and pictures and set them to music and we created a beautiful Promo Video for Brie’s Business that tells the PurposeFitLive story. (The video is below)

Click PLAY To Watch Brienne’s MY STORY Promo Video.

And what happened next was AMAZING!

WOW!!! I already got a JOB OFFER!!

Right after sharing the Video on her wall, Brie Received a Job Offer within 15 Minutes of posting the video.

Brie Writes:

Hey Barbie,

I just had to share this with you!  I posted the video on FB and not 15 minutes later I had a job offer come from it!  Thank you so much for the way you’ve helped me grow this ministry & this business! You are such a blessing! 


What started out as a seed planted in My Clients heart, has turned into a full fledged Fitness Ministry. Obviously, PersonalbrandingforProfit.com was only a part of that dream, Brienne is a force who is out there inspiring women who love Jesus, all around the world…

I am so happy that I was able to help her Strategize and execute a plan for her growth and for her to easily begin expanding her ministry right from her website and through the creative assets we dreamed up for her.

I am excited to see what is next for Brienne and PurposefitLive.com

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