If you have been sitting on the fence about getting Jonathan Registers Blogging Domination Blueprint and needed an extra PUSH to get you off the fence, then this is the blog post you absolutely must read so you can make your final decision, but you’ve got to decide TODAY and here is why…

As of Today’s Date: May 21, 2012, I am doing something that I was not anticipating at all.

I am re-opening my 30 Day Massive Action Marketing Challenge group to only 4 More people and for only a FEW SHORT HOURS.

Read on for details….

This is your Absolute LAST CHANCE to get in on this.

Secure a ‘LAST CHANCE SPOT’ in my MASSIVE ACTION Accountability and Syndication Group on Facebook as a BONUS when You Purchase Jonathan Registers Blogging Domination Blueprint in the next 12 Hours.


We just set up our Accountability partners and our Syndication Groups this weekend and already Some of our Members are already getting Results…

Rick of California – Already Set up his Blog and Created his First Ever Blogpost…

(See Image Below to See His Post – And Check out his blog while you’re at it!)

Here is a Link to Ricks Site: http://rickmckeeonline.com.

Rick is an Amazing Coach and has wasted no time at all getting his stuff together! So Proud of him!!

Nory – who has been struggling on line for quite some time, finally has the confidence to blog the right way, to get results, thanks to Jonathan’s Course… Nory Already put up her Website too! Check it out.

Bobby  took the bull by the horns and already has his blog up and running. He ran into a little snafu, but thanks to the detailed instructions of Jonathan’s Registers Course, he overcame it with no trouble at all. Check out Bobby’s Site! and he accomplished all this in just a few hours during the weekend!

Talk about NO EXCUSES!!!


Our 30 Day Marketing Challenge Group is Absolutely EXCITED because

  1. They are Finally Getting Results! (Getting your Blog up and running IS a Tremendous Achievement!)
  2. They have a ton of support! You should just FEEL The energy of our Support group Room. Wow, so exciting to see so many people excited about  their future.
  3. Comments Galore!! People are sharing, Commenting and taking massive action helping their fellow coaches, who also purchased the program, resulting in more eyeballs on their content.


I had originally closed out the Group this weekend, but after seeing the MASSIVE Results and even Newbies excited about how SIMPLE The course is laid out…

I decided to give you one More chance, but HERE IS THE CATCH:

You MUST purchase Jonathan Register’s Course for MY LINK TODAY BEFORE Midnight, 12:00EST.

That Means you have exactly 13 Hours from this email to take Action. (and the CLOCK IS TICKING!!!)

HURRY! Grab Jonathan’s Course Now

By the Way, Here is some more of the Buzz going inside our Private Facebook Group by Actual 30 Day Challenge Participants (& Some of them made me blush as well! ) =)

Bobby Says:

And Darren, The Fit Attorney Said:


It really brings me so much Joy to see my fellow Beachbody Coaches so excited and rolling their sleeves up and getting to work.

It makes me happy to see them excited about their future!!

What about You?

When is it your time?

This is your LAST CHANCE to get into our Support and Accountability Group TODAY.. and then after that, I will be working arm and arm, shoulder to shoulder, deep in the trenches with my fellow coaches building a completely LEVERAGED ASSET that will pay us for years to come, even in our sleep.

That is the Beauty of Blogging!

And if you are still trying to do it on your own, and you are breaking your head…

This is your Chance to get in with us and get the support and accountability you need to get Your BUTT in gear and start doing what the leaders do.

I’m super excited for these amazing people who have taken a leap of faith and are already taking MASSIVE Action and Overcoming obstacles that were keeping them from building their business online before.

Our group is 18 STRONG but Will Make room for 4 More individuals and that is IT.

After that, you will have to get on the Waiting List and wait till this 30 Day Challenge Group is Completed before I open up another one.. and that is IF I decide to open another one…

So Don’t Delay…

This is your LAST Chance to get Jonathan’s Course and still grab a spot in my 30 Day Massive ACTION Marketing Challenge…


HURRY! Grab Jonathan’s Course Now