My Story Method E-Book

My Story Method E-Book

Turn Your 'About Me' Page into a Silent Sales Person, Designed to Attract Your 'Long Lost Twin'.

It's Really No Secret that people don't like to be sold, but they love to buy and they love to buy from people that they 'Like, Know and Trust'.

How Can We get people that have Never Met us in Person, to trust us over the internet?

Quite Simply,

Sharing Stories.

Stories help people connect and relate, and when people can connect and relate, as long as you are offering a solution to their problems, they are more likely to buy it from You.

​This 30 Page Ebook will outline the 6 Fool Proof Steps to Creating a Compelling About Me Page on Your Blog that Inspires people to Relate, Know, Like and Trust You.

Using the exact same formula I share in this book allowed me to attract over 30 people into a Network Marketing Company I was aligned with and helped me Make my first first $3,000 Commission Online.​


The Book Also includes Social Media Post Ideas that you can use to attract more people to your Social Media Posts. As Well As:

  • Unexpected Piece of Media that Gets People Engaged Almost immediately​
  • How to Take Your Prospect Through a Story-Telling Journey that will make them feel like You're their long lost Twin
  • A Fool Proof Method for Connecting with Your Prospect and Getting them to think.. (Hmmmm, I need that!)
  • The Details to include to Detract Unqualified Prospects to Click off Your Page (Rejection Free)
  • & So Much More!