Project Case Study

The Challenge

Ontarian Hawkins of is an established online entrepreneur who started his online career around 2008. After many ups and downs he finally discovered his Niche in the Affiliate Marketing Space. Although he had experienced a tremendous amount of monetary success with his passive income programs, he was still lacking a few things.

    1. Brand Authority and a Home Base Online: He was still lacking a proper online presence. Before he approached me about his project he had been hosting his website on a 3rd party platform that basically went out of business. (NEVER Build Your Empire on a 3rd Party WordPress Platform, I don’t care HOW AWESOME They say it is!) He didn’t have a put together branding and a way to convey his message.
    2. He did not have a systematic way to produce front end sales and put immediate profits in his own merchant account. He had written a valuable ebook but he did not have a process to sell it that led people down a smooth sales experience.


The Solution

To complete Ontarian’s Project with Great Success we needed to accomplish a few things:

  1. Create Visually Aesthetic Branding. We created a Soothing yet Masculine and Authoritative Branding Palette that conveys professionalism yet warmth and approachability at the same time.
  2. Branding Coaching: We coached Ontarian on what photos he should take to complete the branding look. *He chose that coat which truly stands out against his color palette! Love it!*
  3. My Story Method Branding: We built a Story-Driven theme around his branding, after all, he is the Passive Income Guru whose goal is to help 1000 families to achieve financial freedom.
  4. Copywriting for Offers: We Did All the Copywriting for his project, including all the opt-in forms on his site and on the home page.
  5. Critical Pages on Website: We put together his My Story Page, and his Testimonial Page.
  6. Home Page Layout for Profits: We created an landing page type of layout for his home page to create Clarity of Message and Featured Sections designed to produce profits quickly.
  7. Lead Generation & Trip Wire/Upsell Funnels: We worked with Ontarian (who is amazing on video) to Create a Trip Wire Sales Funnel that upsells website visitors that have converted into leads, on the one time offer of his ebook.
  8. Upsell For Coaching Program: We also created an upsell page into his coaching program for those who purchased the ebook upsell offer.
  9. Cover Design: We also designed the cover of His Free Report.
  10. Strategy and Coaching: Through the whole project I consulted on how to execute the funnels based on what Ontarian wanted to do, and he followed all instructions to create a smooth sales process.


Since Ontarian Launched, as of the date of this post, he has accumulated over $500 in front end sales through Ebook Upsells and people signing up for his one on one coaching program.


Authority Site Branding


Funnel Strategy & Execution

Days Turnaround

Front End Sales

Ontarian Hawkins Testimonial

Here’s a Recap of What We did For Ontarian

Created Brand Authority

We Created an Aesthetic  and Authoritative Brand that Positions Ontarian as an Expert. This helps establish the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST Factor that attracts your ideal prospects online who are ready to enter your sales process.

Built from the Ground Up

From Copywriting, to Funnel Planning and execution, we helped Ontarian accomplish his goal of getting more people to buy his ebook and create more front end sales resulting in MORE NOW PROFITS directly into HIS Merchant account, (rather than waiting 30 days on an affiliate check!)

Perfected his Sales Process

You can’t make profits without a well oiled Process. That’s exactly what we helped Ontarian Hawkins do. Just like it’s impossible to scale a business that has no organized way to fulfill inventory, it’s impossible to have more leads and money FLOW through your business without a well planned and executed system. This is what we helped Ontarian accomplish. We Built a Well Oiled system that allows leads and profits to flow through his business Faster and more efficiently.

Mobile Friendly Website

We Built a Visually Aesthetic Mobile Friendly Website that Positions Ontarian as a Trusted Authority and Expert and helps him convert website visitors into leads AND Sales.