I Can help you Mastermind your online Branding, Help you Craft Your Marketing Message and Build the Systems that will help you Generate Leads & Customers, Around the Clock, Passively and from Anywhere in the World!

Whether you are a seasoned online Entrepreneur whose already making six figures online, or at the brink of launching your business for the very first time, the last thing you need to add on to that mile-long launch list is branding and web design!

I’ve been the secret weapon behind countless successful online businesses, dating back to 2004! When I launched my very first business online helping struggling eBay store owners, re-brand their stores and convert them into thriving brands their customers came to know and love. I would love to help you ditch the design drama once and for all so you can focus on what you were born to do!

Leave the ‘FUN’ Stuff up to me and my team! I’m your friendly neighborhood wordsmith, branding visioneer and systems strategist all rolled into one. Nothing brings me more joy than to see an individual ‘buck-the-system’  that says you need to get a ‘real job’ and ignore the Creative and Natural abilities you were born with. I love helping you turn your Gifts and Talents into a Business so you can create the income you desire, using the power of the internet.

Allow me to help you Breathe LIFE into your dream business by helping you Stand out above the Crowd with a Website and Marketing system designed to help You Be who you were born to be and serve the people who need you!

How Can I Help Your Business Grow?

Ugh! Are You suffering from massive writers block?  At a loss for attention-grabbing headlines or sizzling and seductive bullet points that compel your perfect prospects to take action and jump on your list? Or maybe you’re at a loss for words and are totally stuck when it comes to sharing your story, or describing the benefits of your products and services leaves you completely blank? Every potential sale starts with the power of just one word. Every idea, every thought, every expression of who you are and what you offer to the world starts with copywriting.  If the thought of firing up your laptop and trying to come up with words that sell makes you want to pull your hair out, take a deep breath. (I Got You Covered) 

It’s time to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you’re brand new to the online business world, or you’re a seasoned pro and already have experience under your belt. One thing is for certain, your prospects are googling your name wondering if they can get enough information before contacting you to seal the deal, hand over their credit card and buy your next course, product or service. A Personally Branded custom website will create the ‘Instant Authority’ you need to magnetically attract your ideal client, and if you play your cards right (and hire the right Designer) your website will be your own personal silent workhorse that keeps selling for you in your sleep so you don’t always have to. Your Website is the Hub of your online Empire. It’s time to Show up and Shine.

Are you feeling stuck on the entrepreneurial hamster wheel? You know the one I’m talking about. Every month is the same. You’re constantly in hustle mode,  wondering where your next client will come from. If you’re lucky, you’ve made it this far on some referrals, and You’re trapped in the proverbial catch 22 situation: Your’e so busy working, you don’t have the time to market to find new Clients! (been there done that!)  It’s a vicious cycle, that feels more like a job,  and it’s wearing away at your patience! Maybe if you had a little leverage in your corner, you could still generate leads (on autopilot) in the background while you are working with your existing clientele. If this sounds like you, a simple starter funnel is the powerful workhorse that continues to prospect for you, so you can enjoy that break between projects, and stop that constant ‘hustle-life’.

Hmmm, How do I brand myself online? How do present myself to my target client? What’s my angle that sets me apart? How do I stand out from the sea of other business owners who are in the exact same Niche that I am? How can I stand out? Should I Launch a website first, or just start out with a simple lead generation funnel and see how it goes? What about additional streams of income? How do I incorporate those into my business and have it all make sense? What Autoresponder should I use, and where do I start? WHEW! If these resemble the thoughts in your head, you and I need to hop on a Strategy Session, Pronto! During our ‘Brain-Dump’ Sesh, we’ll figure out where you are right now in your business, and where you want to go, and what tools and systems you’ll need to get there. Strategy sessions are based on calendar availability. Book now before all my weekly spots are gone.

Whoops, it happened again! You want to change something on your website, but you’re afraid if you touch something, it just might break (and yea, it totally could!) why take the chance?! Or you tinkered with a table and it threw something off! Maybe your shopping cart stopped working and you just can’t figure it out on your own? You’ve wasted countless hours on youtube and still don’t know what the heck you’re doing and honestly, you have better things to do than to deal with tech issues. No Worries! The Tech Hours Bundle is the perfect solution.

Help! My Website is broken and it won’t come up! ….said No client (with a Website Maintenance Plan) ever. All of our Website Projects include a 30 day Iron Clad Guaranteed Support System, but on day 31, if something needs updating or fixing, what will you do? This is where my website maintenance service comes in handy. My little tech-minions will work behind the scenes, keeping your website and security in tact… so that internet Gremlins stay far far away. I also include minor website edits, including swapping out pics, or fine-tuning a page, so that your Website is always up-to-date and in tip top shape.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, whose the smartest of them all?” Why You of course! You’re totally hip to the laptop lifestyle and you love learning on your own time when it’s convenient for you. These courses are a collection of subjects that I teach my clients when we work together one-on-one and are essential to your personal branding arsenal of continuing education. From the ‘My Story Method’ which lays the foundation to Creating a Magnetic About Me page designed to attract your perfect prospect, to Copywriting swipes and soon to be released ‘Canva for Business’, these courses make up the foundation of your Online ‘You, Inc.’ Empire

Because sometimes you just don’t want to go at it alone. Do you ever feel like you’re building your business all by your lonesome on the world wide web and sometimes you wish you could just pick up the phone and exchange energy with a Coach who is invested in your success and will keep help hold you accountable? Although one-on-one coaching is by application only, because my time is very limited I can only work with a few people per month, my one-on-one coaching is like having your own personal Business BFF who you can run ideas with and mastermind your next steps. It’s also perfect if you just don’t have the time to go through a self-learning course and you prefer to hop on a Join.me or one-on-one Skype call and provide guided instruction.

Jeremiah 29:11 : For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

One of the real benefits of working with Barbie is when the job is complete you have a new friend

I was introduced to Barbie by a business colleague. I had totally no idea about websites, funnels, autoresponders, wordpress, blogging, twitter etc.

Barbie created a website that I feel let my personality and passion shine through.
What also impressed me so much was that I felt like Barbie held my hand through every step of all the things i had no knowledge of, with the utmost patience.

I can recommend Barbie highly, in fact i have, as her knowledge of online marketing is superb.

One of the real benefits of working with Barbie is when the job is complete you have a new friend, who is always there to point you in the right direction.

Thank you Barbie

Deborah W

Mompreneur, Health & Wellness Advocate