Shakeology Ingredients – What’s in it anyway?

Tony Horton Checks Out Shakeology

So you are wondering what the Shakeology Ingredients are huh?

Well you are in luck, because I can let you in on the secret of what’s in Shakeology, and why it’s so beneficial for your health. With three great flavors of Strawberry, Greenberry, and Chocolate you will be not only getting everything your body needs and wants, but also a delicious meal replacement.  So what are we waiting for, let’s jump right in and talk about what the Shakeology ingredients are and why it’s so great. (& Make sure you read this entire post for a Fun TREAT From P90X’s Tony Horton!)

Shakeology Ingredients – A Brief Summary

Shakeology consists of over 70 all natural ingredients from all around the world. You’ve heard me right; the Shakeology ingredients are 100% natural. You can use Shakeology as a meal replacement to help you achieve that weight loss goal, or just to stay on a healthy path for optimal health.  Let’s take a look briefly at what’s all in Shakeology that makes it as great as it is.

By replacing just one meal a day with Shakeology you are improving your health by 100% from where it is now. The Shakeology ingredients below are so beneficial to helping you achieve not only your weight loss goals but your health goals, that you will wonder what you ever did without them.

Shakeology Ingredients – Antioxidants

You may have heard of antioxidants before, but do you truly know why they are beneficial to your health? They help to boost up your immune system and help to keep you from getting sick. They can help to lower and get rid of free radicals in the body which can be a key in heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Shakeology Ingredients – Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics are a key player in the Shakeology ingredients as they help to aid in proper digestion as well as help to protect your body from any harmful bacteria. Prebiotics on the other hand are carbohydrates that are non digestible and help to act as food for those probiotics.

When they are combined together they form what is known as a symbiotic. A symbiotic helps to treat conditions like diarrhea, prevent urinary tract infections, treats irritable bowel syndrome, and helps to reduce the severity of the flu and colds, as well as speeds up the treatment of any intestinal infections. A much simplier explanation is that your stomach and digestive system will feel wonderful with these two players.

Shakeology Ingredients – Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are important in helping to support healthy function in your immune system. What’s even better is with the support of phytonutrients you will be helping to protect your eyes as they are important in eye health. In addition by consuming phytonutrients on a daily basis you are lowering your risk at developing prostate cancer.

Shakeology Ingredients – Give it a Try!

As you can tell, Shakeology is chalk full of a lot of great stuff, and has helped tons of people accomplish not only their weight loss goals, but their health goals as well. Beachbody offers a bottom of the bag guarantee so you can use the entire bag and return it in 30 days if you are not fully satisfied.

If you are lacking energy, and just feeling icky, give Shakeology a try. Not only does it provide you with all the benefits listed above, but it also helps to curb your appetite, as well as give you additional energy that you never knew existed. So what’s stopping you from achieving your health goals?

 Shakeology Ingredients: Tony Horton Checks Out Shakeology

And then of course, there is what P90X Creator, Tony Horton has to say about the Shakeology Ingredients! This Video is sure to give you a laugh!


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