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Kristi McGrath KristiMcGrath.com

I am Wicked Happy!

”When I wanted a professional Blog Design done for my Network Marketing business. I didn't hesitate to call Barbie Figueroa. I knew she was a Marketing Guru in her own right, so I trusted that she would deliver on the funnel creation and help me generate leads for my business.

After explaining what I was looking for, all she said was, O.K, get some professional pictures done and I'll take care of the rest!

I had my first professional photo shoot done, Barbie just told my what colors to wear and I sent them to her for the blog creation!

I was blown away at how professional the Blog looks, it will really present myself as a Leader in my business. Everything I asked for was there!

Sales funnels were done exactly as I needed them to catipult me into success. When you want things done fast and expertly designed-along with a Master Marketer "behind the scenes", you hire Barbie! I am "Wicked Happy" with the final result and would highly recommend her for your Blog design.

When you want the best, you don't mess around with the rest!”

My Business Opportunity Subscribers Increased by 200%

“My Current Business Means I need to Build Relationships before a purchase is made as I sell a High Ticket Medical Device. I was already getting some Organic Traffic to my Website but I knew it needed an Upgrade.  Barbie Improved my site beyond description and the main change has come from Increased Subscribers to both my product newsletter but especially in generating more Business Opportunity Subscribers..”

Opportunity Seeking Subscribers have increased by 200% and product subscribers have increased by 33% since the site was upgraded in August. I close a sale tomorrow and more and more people are contacting me from google and I think it's due to the professional nature to the site and the fact that it offers a more personal look at me rather than the Enagic Product.

Pete Chapman, Kangenwell.com
Jon Gustin JonGustin.com 

My Online Business is a Huge Success!

“Barbie has opened my eyes to this beautiful world of marketing. When I decided to further my business online I had no idea what I was doing. Barbie walked me through the whole process at a pace I could follow and learn. Barbie not only teaches your how to grow you business, she also motivates you. I am now running my whole business through my website and thanks to Barbie, it’s a huge success!”

About Barbie

Barbie Figueroa

Barbie Figueroa is a Personal Branding & Online Sales Funnel Strategist.

After Launching Her First Branding & Marketing Company Working with Ebay Owners to Re-Brand their Stores and helping transform their struggling stores into thriving ones…

Barbie Transitioned into helping Entrepreneurs Establish their online presence by Packaging their Stories, Branding them and helping them create more automation and time freedom in their businesses by leveraging technology including Custom Websites and Strategic Sales Funnels.

She also was on the Creative Team of ‘Soap Dishes the Cookbook’ a Nationally Published Cook Book, featuring Daytime Celebrity Actors…From General Hospital, Bold and The Beautiful and Young & the Restless…

She Has also been awarded 1st Place in Affiliate Marketing Contests and has also Created her Own Marketing school at MyPersonalBrandingUniversity.com where she teaches Online Attraction Marketing to New Marketers.

When she is not helping Entrepreneurs Grow their Businesses online, she is a wife for 20 years, a work from home mom to 3 Amazing Boys and she is also the Grand Champion at the Blinking Game. =)