Are You in a Business that requires your potential clients to sample products?

Whether it’s a fat blasting energy drink, under eye wrinkle remover, or toothpaste and perfume samples…

If your product sales are driven by people ‘trying before they’re buying’ then this Thrive Themes Thursday Episode is for You!

Thrive Themes ‘List-Building’ Funnel: VIDEO


3 Reasons Why You Want to Build a List when You Give Away Samples

Whether you are giving away samples for Free or you are charging people for a sample pack, building a list of emails is a super smart way to keep in touch with interested prospects in the long term in a LEVERAGED WAY.

Now if you enjoy having your inbox completely full (which is a great problem to have, mind you!) and responding one by one by one… and you have hours of time to do that… more power to you…

But if you’ve got a home based business and TIME is your priority, then here’s 3 reasons why you want to create a list-building funnel and collect a list of emails for giving away samples.

Saving Time: Simply point people to a page where they can enter their information. When you redirect them to the thank you page, you can have a video letting them know what to expect.. or even send them to your company presentation (as I demonstrate in the Video! ) All this only takes a matter of minutes and it still makes a personal connection (if you do a video).. it also qualifies those who are serious and truly want samples from those that are just wasting time and sorry to say, but there are people out there who WILL waste your time… (Noooooooo wayyyyyyy!) :/

Simple Follow Up: With the click of a mouse and an email you wrote in advance, you can follow up with people via email to see if they like their samples or you can invite them to try another product in the future. When these leads are inside your email list they are YOUR LEADS. You can send them any offers in the future. Let’s say that they got a sample of a protein shake, and 2 months later your company releases and energy drink.. well now you have a list of people you can email directly about your new samples. This is just smart marketing.

Cost Effective: Email marketing is cost effective because it only took you the energy to generate the lead one time. Once you have an email, you can send offers in the future. Unlike social media sites like Facebook, that restrict Reach… once you have people on your email list, you can email them anytime you want to keep in touch with them.

Thrive Themes makes is super simple to build a List-Building Funnel for Product Sample Giveaways! If you are not setup to collect your own leads, you can check out my Build-A-Blog Cheat Sheet where I help you set the foundation for building your own Authority ‘Lead-Converting’ Website Online.

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